Update | Making Progress

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.


Update time! I love doing these posts. I would never call myself a maths person, but I’m a goals person, so filling numbers into spreadsheets and stuff is something I take great joy in because then I can see statistics. Yes, statistics. Turns you on, doesn’t it? 😄 

August was a pretty good writing month for me. I wrote 28.723 words, so not the best month in the history of time, but far from the worst. I wrote a short Halloween story about Thaddeus and Sandy from Soul Eater and a good portion of Holly’s Christmas story.  

So far, I’ve written 191.691 words this year. That’s an average of 772 words per day so far, and if I keep the same tempo, I’ll reach my goal of 250.000 words on November 28th.  

Sounds good, right? When I realised I have 58.969 words left to write, it feels less good 😏 Still, I’m 76,68% done, so it’s not too bad. 

How are things going for you? There are still close to four months left of this year, so plenty of time to catch up if you’re behind. We’re on day 249 of the year, which means we’re 68,22% in (yes, you totally needed to know that LOL). Plenty of time left! Not stressing at all 🤯 

We can do this! Right? Right… *putting on more coffee* 


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