Guest Post | October by Candlelight by K.L. Noone

Trick or Treat

Today, K.L. Noone is here to share a little about her Trick or Treat story, October by Candlelight, which is released today. Welcome!

Happy October—and thanks to Ofelia for letting me stop by to share an autumn-themed new release!

“October by Candlelight” is roughly 12,000 words of soft cozy (but a little spicy!) m/m romance—all about moving in together, and about autumn candles and decorations, and about learning to listen. Plus some pumpkin cinnamon rolls!

Autumn is my favorite season—full of pumpkin-orange and rustling branches and nutmeg-hued leaves and skies like twilight velvet—so when JMS Books put out a Trick or Treat themed call for stories, I knew I had to write something! And I knew it would be about love: love of the season, love of a partner, love of making a home, together.

In “October by Candlelight,” autumn is also Finn’s favorite season—and there’s a reason for that, one that’s personal. It’s a story his boyfriend Wes doesn’t know yet—but he will, once he learns how to ask. And once he figures out what Finn’s been trying to say, with the candles and the pumpkins and the leaf-garlands and all the decorations that’re making a celebration out of their home…

Also, there’s at least one truly terrible pun. Because Finn has that sense of humor. (So do I, I’m afraid. You’ll just have to…humor us. As it were.)

There’s more to come with Wes and Finn, I suspect—perhaps a Christmas story, to continue the holiday theme? We’ll have to see. Wes might have a certain question in mind, eventually…but for now, I hope you enjoy meeting them—and all the autumn scents and glowing lights—in “October by Candlelight”!

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K.L. Noone teaches college students about superheroes and Shakespeare by day, and writes romance – frequently paranormal or with fantasy elements, usually LGBTQ, and always with happy endings – when not grading papers or researching medieval outlaw life. She is currently the servant of a large black cat named Merlyn, who demands treats on a regular basis. 


Two days later, on Saturday, a delivery arrived: three pumpkin-spice candles, a paperback copy of The History of Silver Age Superheroes, a zucchini, and a loaf of raspberry wheat bread. None of these had been on the shopping list tacked to the fridge, except Finn’s zucchini, which had a muffin-related destiny.

Wes, who’d answered the door and opened the package, considered this fact. “I’m not sure you’re allowed to buy things without me.”

Finn gave him a sorrowful-kitten look. Wes knew that look. He gave in to that look just about every time.

“Is this what living with you is like? It is, isn’t it? Not,” he added hastily, “that I mind.”

He didn’t. Not at all. This house had room for their combined eclectic library; Wes’s organized desk and an old guitar from his wayward college rock band days lived alongside Finn’s hobby-of-the-month origami and card-trick magic practice and ocean-themed coloring books, finding three-month-old harmony. The pool out back was good for Finn’s physical therapy and also just for floating around in, and they did a lot of that. These days Wes’s world was wondrous.

He lifted up a bright orange shape, turned it around. “More candles?”
“They were on sale,” Finn protested. He’d gotten up, and Wes nearly argued, but it seemed to be a good day; that wasn’t even much of a limp. “They smell like pumpkins. And autumn grass. And bonfire smoke. Here, I can help—”

“Yes, thank you,” Wes said, now juggling three candles and bread and zucchini and a book, trailing Finn into the kitchen. “You want pumpkins and bonfires in our house.”

“I’ll make cinnamon rolls with pumpkin cream cheese.” Finn was only half paying attention, entranced by autumnal temptation and finding gleaming silver to put candles inside. “Anyway you like pumpkin spice.”

“I’m not sure I want to, you know, breathe and eat pumpkin…” He did love Finn, though. And he loved the sparkle in those huge eyes, diving into the world with full-on enthusiasm. “I can build a fire if you want. In our fireplace. For you.”

Finn set down the third candle. Smiled. “Come on, baby, light my fire.”

“Terrible classic rock puns,” Wes informed him, “mean absolutely guaranteed seduction,” and took a step forward, everything else shoved onto a countertop, hands finding and cupping Finn’s face, thumb skimming over a dimple because it was there and he could.

Finn looked at him, smiling, waiting; pure anticipation danced in every line of him, every lifted eyebrow. Wes kissed him for it.


october by candlelightLiving with former teen idol Finn Ransom isn’t like a movie. But it’s worth it.

Wes loves his boyfriend, and he knows all the stories about Finn’s celebrity past and old accidents and rebuilt career — or he thinks he does. But Wes also loves his organized historian’s life, neat and tidy and efficient — and moving in with Finn is the opposite.

Finn’s messy, colorful, exuberant … and in love with autumn. Pumpkins. Black cats. Fall leaves. Rain. Wes wants to be patient, but one more cinnamon candle might be one too many.

But maybe Wes doesn’t know everything about Finn’s past. And autumn candlelight is good for sharing stories … and opening up hearts.

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