Update | Cheers and Fireworks 

“You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.”

― Dale Carnegie

typewriter-3711589_640I guess this will be the final update for the year. I started 2021 by saying I was gonna write 250.000 words, and I have. I reached my goal on November 11th 🥳

So far this year, I’ve written 270.463 words. I’m not saying they’ve all been good words because of course they haven’t, but I’ve written them. I’ve gone up early almost every morning this year to write – unless I’ve had to go to the dreaded day job. I’ve still gone up early, but instead of sitting in the quiet by my desk and making up worlds and adventures, I’ve killed my soul for money.  I’m sure there is a lesson there.

But now we’re here, and I will write in December too, but I’ve done what I set out to do. Everything from here on out is a bonus.

How are you doing with your goals? There is still time to reach them!

I’ll have a think about what my goals will be for next year. I have no idea what my work situation will look like, so I won’t plan anything outrageous LOL but it would be lovely if I could do a repeat. We’ll see 😊

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