Update | Procrastinating

Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible.

– George H. Lorimer


I like doing these posts – they don’t require me to think much, and I get to see how I’m doing. I’m gonna be completely honest and say that I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on the couch and rereading MF smut this year. I know I have all these deadlines ahead, and I keep pushing them on the future – because that always works, right?

I haven’t abandoned the ship completely. I’ve written 38.631 words so far this year, and I’m working on Holly’s May release. So really, give me another month or so, and I should be halfway done with Holly’s 12 stories.

The problem is that I should be working my arse off now because glancing at what July looks like has me hyperventilating – I have three deadlines. I have to do some of them now or I’ll be drowning then and probably mess up big time.

And I keep adding things as if I didn’t have enough to do… like an extra story I hadn’t planned to write. JMS Books turns 12 this summer, and it would be fun to write something for the celebrations. Deadline May 31, should be doable, right? *hyperventilates*

So I don’t have time for too stupid to live heroines and growly men who sweep them off their feet, I really don’t, but…

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