Update | Change of Plans

“Success in life is not how well we execute Plan A; it’s how smoothly we cope with Plan B.”

– Sarah Ban Breathnach


It’s update time and my plan has gone to hell LOL Part of me is relieved. I was supposed to have submitted a Hugs or Kisses story by the end of last month, but… I was writing, and I was in a great flow, and then I hit 11k and the either-or stories have a max limit of 12k and I was nowhere near the end. So I emailed JM and said I won’t be able to do it.

I would’ve loved to continue on that story but since I still have other deadlines, I put it aside for now. I’ll get back to it later because I really liked writing it, and I’m 11.322 words in, so… 

I haven’t decided if this means I won’t do the either-or stories or not. Since I’ve written them all as a series it would feel weird to jump ahead, though they are pretty much standalone so I guess I could. We’ll see.

Right now, I’m writing on a Dozen story. It doesn’t have a title yet – I hate when stories don’t have a title, there will always be some panicked moments right before it’s time to submit it when I desperately try to come up with something. Anyway, JMS Books is turning 12 in July, so there will be a lot of stories that have something to do with 12, much like we did when JMS Books turned 9. I wrote Nine Stones then 😄

And after that, I’ll tackle Holly’s August story. We’re moving forward, people!

Since the last update post, I’ve written 25 092 words, which brings me up to 111 988 words so far this year. I’m 42.95% done, though we’ll see about that. I think I’ll need more than the 250 000 words I’ve written as my goal to get all the stories done. Time will tell. If I keep the same speed I have now, I’ll have written 250 000 words by November 25 – I think I’ll need them sooner than that LOL

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