Cover Reveal | Keep it Down!

We have a cover for Keep it Down!!! It feels like forever since I had a new cover to show off. I was meant to have written stories for both the Hugs or Kisses and the Night or Day calls, but I messed up on the Hugs of Kisses. Or messed up is the wrong word. I like what I have so far, but I exceeded the upper word limit, so it won’t be a Hugs or Kisses story.

As soon as I’ve made it through my July deadlines, I’ll see if I can get back to it, and maybe if things go well, we can have an autumn release. Maybe.

But enough about that, we have a cover now! Keep it Down! is the story I wrote for JMS Book’s birthday celebrations. In July, JMS Books is turning twelve, so they requested stories that have something to do with twelve.

Keep it Down! has twelve Post-it notes.

I had so much fun writing this, and it made me remember how it was to be living on the third floor without a lift in the building and having a broken foot. Happy times LOL.

Are you ready to see the cover??


One day, Eason Wickham will push his next-door neighbor down the stairs. Nate Allen might be hot, but he’s the most annoying person Eason has ever met. He has no respect for the people living in the building, and night after night, he has a party. Whenever Eason rings his doorbell and tells him to keep it down, he flirts and tries to get Eason to come inside.

Calling the cops does not affect Nate’s behavior, and neither do Eason’s angry Post-It notes. But when Eason is hit by a car and fractures his leg, Nate sends his friends packing and makes sure Eason is okay. He cooks for him, shops for him, and does his laundry, but he’s still the most annoying person Eason has ever met. Right? The cute Post-Its Nate leaves for him to find doesn’t mean he’s a different person, and while Eason longs for when Nate will get off work every day, it doesn’t mean they should be more than friends. Does it?

Release day: July 9th

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