Update | Getting Ahead?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

— Mark Twain


Getting ahead? Last month, I wrote that if you only gave me a month, I’d be halfway done with Holly’s stories for 2022 – yeah, that didn’t happen. I thought I’d write Holly’s June story quick and easy. That quick and easy story is now over 40k.

I didn’t write it all this month, I’d started before, hence the belief that it was gonna be quick and easy. I only needed to wrap it up… that was 21.748 words ago. But! That means that I’ve now written 60.379 words this year.

According to WordKeeperAlpha, I’ve written 928 words per day and will reach my goal of 250.000 words on December 7th. We’ll see about that. I’m about 24% done, so that’s good. It means I’m ahead on the words, at least. Lord knows I’m not ahead on the deadlines 🥺

But give me another month… Ha!

The good news is that the naked gardener stories have been submitted, so come May, we’ll be drowning in naked gardeners. There will be stories from Nell Iris, Ally Lester, K.L. Noone, Amy Spector and Holly Day, so yay 😄

Before then, there will be a Rain or Shine story in the same series as The Drunken Dog. It’s called The Cake Shop, it was called The Memory Vault, but I changed it so now every time I check my notes and see The Cake Shop, I’m confused. It’ll all work out… hopefully.

Update | Procrastinating

Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible.

– George H. Lorimer


I like doing these posts – they don’t require me to think much, and I get to see how I’m doing. I’m gonna be completely honest and say that I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on the couch and rereading MF smut this year. I know I have all these deadlines ahead, and I keep pushing them on the future – because that always works, right?

I haven’t abandoned the ship completely. I’ve written 38.631 words so far this year, and I’m working on Holly’s May release. So really, give me another month or so, and I should be halfway done with Holly’s 12 stories.

The problem is that I should be working my arse off now because glancing at what July looks like has me hyperventilating – I have three deadlines. I have to do some of them now or I’ll be drowning then and probably mess up big time.

And I keep adding things as if I didn’t have enough to do… like an extra story I hadn’t planned to write. JMS Books turns 12 this summer, and it would be fun to write something for the celebrations. Deadline May 31, should be doable, right? *hyperventilates*

So I don’t have time for too stupid to live heroines and growly men who sweep them off their feet, I really don’t, but…

Update | Goals and Self-Doubt

A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.

– Joe Vitale


Update time! Normally, I do a goals and a recap of the year post, so I thought I would now too. The problem is that I didn’t have much of a goal written down for last year. My goal was to write 250.000 words.

I wrote 289.333 so yay me! But in retrospect, the words don’t matter as much as me starting a new name, Holly Day, and that Holly had 12 releases.

What annoys me is that now that I went back to look at what I had written as my goals for 2021, I saw that in 2020 I wrote 377.038 words. I mean FFS! That’s almost 100k more than I did this year, and I thought I did well. So yeah… now I’m put out instead of pleased LOL

I also wrote that I would write the third story in the Rockshade’s PID series during 2021. Did I? No! 😠

Ah well… on to 2022

Goals for 2022

I feel a bit nauseous writing this, but I want to do 12 new Holly stories, and I realise it might not be possible, but I want to. And then JMS has short story calls every other month throughout the year, and I want to do those. Aaaand I’ve signed up for a thing in December that means I’ll have to write stories – one for Ofelia and one for Holly – plus I really want to write that third story in the Rockshade’s PID series LOL

Without Rockshade, I’ve written down 16 deadlines in my bullet journal – that’s more than one story a month. And short stories are awesome, really, really awesome but even if I keep all stories short, I don’t really see how I’ll be able to pull this off.

Routine and discipline will get you a long way, but I fear I’ll have to sleep at some point LOL

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