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Autumn is here!

Autumn is my favourite season by far, and you can tell by the number of books I’ve written that takes place during autumn. It’s the cold, the colours, the snuggling up indoors with a cup of something warm and some lit candles.

There is nothing better!

autumn-3193305_640 (1)So, if you want to read something fitting the season, these are my autumn books.

Click the title and you’ll come to a page with an excerpt.

Once Around Seven (Nortown #5) – A hurt-comfort/coming out story taking place in Nortown.

The Maddest of Men – A post-apocalyptic tale where some people have developed supernatural skill. Grayham is the son of a mob leader and Creed is a police officer.

The Lords of Lettuce– Starts where The Maddest of Men left off and we get to follow Creed and Grayham through a society that’s falling apart.

Deadly Sugar– Ah…horror. We have a man who likes to keep his men in a root cellar.

Deadly Lies – More death and cruelty in the root cellar LOL

Worth His Salt – Eldred Henstare – the not so powerful wizard in charge of chasing away ghosts from the city learns that Mo Vin has a ghost in his lighthouse.

Pine Tree Mary – A pine tree mary is a forest creature from the Scandinavian folklore, and Hush is one. Detective Quinn Manning never believed they existed.

Falling Through – Ghosts! Travis is at the end of his rope, he’s out of luck and out of money. Larry, on the other hand, hasn’t been this entertained since he died. Finally someone interesting lives in his apartment.

Knickers in a Twist – First story I ever wrote in English. It’s a DRitC story about a guy who likes a little lace and satin in his underwear.

Jaeger’s Lost and Found – Vampires and finders. I meant to make this a series… I love the old bookshop Archie lives in and the constant rain falling on the windows.

Black Bird – This is one of those mate-or-die stories. Arlo is on the run, Nash isn’t willing to let him go.

And there will be more autumn stories in future!


Mate of Mine

Mate of Mine: A Vampire Paranormal Gay Romance (Rescue Inc Book 1) by Megs Pritchard

Now…see how I never read blurbs. I had this in kindle library, read the title, and figured yeah I could do with some werewolf smut. I do like me some werewolf smut now and then. I was also sure I needed an M for my A-Z Title Challenge, so it would be to kill two birds with one stone.

Make that zero birds with a gazillion stones.

I don’t mind, I really don’t. I sat on the sofa, had a glass of wine and some chocolate, and I read a story beginning with an M when I, in fact, already had a story with an M. And it wasn’t werewolf smut, it was vampire smut, which I would’ve realized if I’d read the blurb LOL.

It doesn’t matter, this is a paranormal hurt-comfort story. Jeremy has escaped an abusive ex, but then a storm hits, and he’s rescued by a vampire. That vampire happens to be his mate, something the vampire knows and understand withing seconds of meeting him, but Jeremy only has heard of.

Jeremy slowly lets Donnie, the vampire, in, but nothing ever easy, is it?

A solid paranormal read.

Mate of MineA new twist in the paranormal world where vampires and humans coexist.
Is human Jeremy willing to take a chance on vampire Donnie?

Having escaped an abusive relationship, Jeremy Sutton has learned the hard way that you can only rely on yourself. Just as he was getting his life back on track, it’s thrown into chaos: first by a flood and then by the person who rescues him.
It was just another rescue mission for Donnie Smith, a vampire, until his eyes met Jeremy’s. He’d finally found his mate but convincing Jeremy to trust him was harder than he thought. After everything Jeremy had suffered, he wasn’t willing to be hurt again.
Time and patience allow’s their relationship to deepen and finally move forward, but someone from Jeremy’s past threatens to destroy everything.

Can Donnie save the man he loves or will he lose him forever?
This is a gay paranormal romance featuring vampires and humans, and includes hot sexy men rescuing those in need and finding their fated mates along the way.

Warning: This does include a small amount of violence and an attempted rape.

JMS-Books 10th Anniversary


As I’m sure you know by now, JMS-Book is turning 10 years old and the last piece of the celebrations is a sale. Through the second of August, all ebooks are 30% off, and that includes pre-orders.

My titles are:

Up-NorthBanger Challenge

Black Bird

Crazy Joe

Cup o’ Sugar

Elevator Pitch

Jaeger’s Lost and Found

Nine Stones

Pine Tree Mary

Legendary Loves vol 1 (including Pine Tree Mary)

Turing Wood

When Skies Are Gray

And you find them all here.

Happy reading!