Release Day | Mind Scrambler

It’s release day!!! Mind Scrambler is here!

I find it really hard to know what to write about a book 2 in a series. Mind Scrambler is about a new case without any connection to the one in Soul Eater. There are different main characters too, here we get to follow Kol Jaecar and Elijah Long, and Soul Eater was about Thaddeus Ezax and Sandulf Hunter. And yet, I think it’s best you read book 1 before you read this one.

I plan for one more, so it’ll be a Rockshade’s Paranormal Investigations Department trilogy.

In Mind Scrambler, we get to meet Elijah Long who is Elora’s brother. He’s gone missing, and Elora wants time off to look for him. The problem is that everyone but Jaecar and her is off since they got called in during their vacation time in Soul Eater, and Thaddeus is still on sick leave.

Jaecar, who hates sitting in the office, sees Elijah’s disappearance as a chance to do something, so he goes with Elora to search. Soon they find that he’s been abducted, and the main suspect is Elijah’s abusive wolf-shifter of an ex.


Before long, Elora was back with a canoe strapped to the roof of the car.
“That was fast.” He grinned at her as she hopped out of the car.
“Yeah, old man Frank lives up the road.” She gestured at the woods. Kol nodded, inhaled, and stiffened.
“And he’s a leopard?” He didn’t want to get into any fights while they were here looking for Elijah, but he couldn’t come unannounced into a leopard’s territory and expect to be welcomed.
“What? No. Frank is an old man.”
Kol studied her for a few seconds. “Shifters grow old too.”
“Yes, but… He’s Frank.”
Kol nodded. “Yes.”
“He would never harm Eli.” Her dark brown eyes pleaded with him.
“I never said he would, I said he’s a shifter.” Kol frowned. “I’d never harm you, but I’m still a shifter.”
“Yes, but…” She looked across the lake. “We need to get going.” She went to unstrap the canoe, and Kol helped her get it into the water.
“Does Elijah have any medical conditions?”
“Other than being an empath, no.”
Kol stared at her. “What? It’s a medical condition?” How could it be a medical condition?
“No more than turning into a giant cat is.”
He nodded. She could have answered with a no.
“Except, he can’t be around too many people.”
Too many? How many was too many? “Will he attack us when we arrive?” Kol scanned the island as best he could from this distance. There were several places where a sniper could hide.
“Attack?” Elora gave a reluctant chuckle and shook her head. “He’s an empath.”
“I know, but he lives on an island. He could have put land mines all around it, have snipers in good places.” He gestured at some trees growing larger by each oar stroke.
Elora turned to stare at him. “He’s an empath! What about that don’t you understand?”
“He’d still want to defend his home, wouldn’t he?” Any sane person would want to defend his or her home. Kol relied a lot on his senses, but lately he’d been thinking about putting some things in place for his cabin. Nothing too crazy, only a few…things.
“He moved to an island.”
“And all you need is a canoe to get there.”
Elora steered them toward a small jetty with a tiny motorboat tied to it. “He’s here.”
Kol sniffed the air, scenting wolves, but it was faint which told him it had been a couple of days since they’d been there. “Does Elijah have wolf friends?”
Elora froze. “No.”
“Are you sure? You didn’t know Frank was a leopard.”
“Eli doesn’t have friends.” She climbed out of the canoe and more or less jogged up the slope toward the small house. “Be calm.”
Kol gave her a blank look. “I’m always calm.”
“I meant emotionally, not what you portray. I know you have a calm facade, but be calm.” She patted her chest.
Kol stared at her. What the hell did she mean?
The door was unlocked, which had Kol frowning. Perhaps it was normal to leave the door unlocked if you were at home, but not if you couldn’t defend yourself.
“Eli? Are you here?” Elora walked into the house, and Kol followed. The scents of the wolves were here too, but no one had been in the house for two days at least.
“There’s no one here.”
Elora looked at him. “You’re sure?” She swallowed audibly. “And no one…dead?”
Kol took a deep breath, scenting the air. “I can’t scent anyone from here, no.”
Elora stared at him, her eyes so wide Kol wanted to hug her.
She took a deep breath. “We’ll go through the house, see if anything is out of place. We’ll find him.”
A simple enough plan and Kol nodded his reply.
The house was clean, everything in order, but when Kol walked into the laundry room a sense of unease crept up his spine. He couldn’t say it was the scent, there was none, but it was…something. There had been a wolf shifter in the laundry room, but it wasn’t what had him pausing. “Elora?” He raised his voice to make sure she heard him while she was in the bedroom at the other end of the house.
Fast steps approached. “Yes?”
“Is Elijah on any drugs?”
“He doesn’t do drugs.” She glared at him.
“I meant medicine.”
She shook her head. “No, nothing.
“I think he was drugged. There is no distinct scent, but there is…something. And a wolf has been in here.”
“Fuck.” Elora slumped against the door frame. “We need to check his sock drawer.” She turned and walked back toward the bedroom.
“Eli and I, when we were kids, we always wore mismatching socks.”
“Why?” Kol only bought black socks, so they’d always match.
“So one was left behind.”
So one could be found. Kol nodded. “You want to do it in the bedroom?”
“I never thought you’d ask.” She snorted, and he could tell she was scared.
He took her hand in his. “I’ll keep you safe.”

Mind Scrambler in the JMS shop


I’ve set up a giveaway over at kingsumo to celebrate. I’m giving away an ebook copy of Soul Eater + an ebook copy of Mind Scrambler to one lucky winner, so hop on over there and enter! 

mindscramblerYears ago, empath Elijah Long made a bad decision, and he is still paying for it. He’s kept hidden from his abusive werewolf ex for years, but when he wakes in a dark room, cuffed to a wall, he knows he’s out of luck. Elora, his psychic sister, will come for him, he just has to endure long enough to give her a chance to find him.

Captain Kol Jaecar of Rockshade’s Paranormal Investigations Department detests slow times at work, so when Elora wants time off to search for her brother, Kol treats it as if it’s a real case and starts an investigation. What he assumed was a brother not picking up when his sister called turns out to be something else.

Elijah experiences people’s emotions so strongly, it prohibits him from living a normal life. Spending time in the city is out of the question, yet it’s where Elora takes him once she finds him. Elijah does his best to keep his distance, especially from the growling man Elora brought to his rescue. Elijah will never make the mistake of getting close to a shifter again.

The moment Kol smells Elijah, he knows he’s his mate, but how to get close to someone who doesn’t want to be near you? The man who abused Elijah is still on the loose, and Kol calls in the entire team to hunt him down. But how are they to keep Elijah safe when he can’t be around people? And how will Kol stay sane if he can’t touch his mate?

January Giveaway


Happy New Year!

I thought we’d start the year with a giveaway. I had this idea of having monthly giveaways throughout the year. 

That’s actually a lie. If you follow my Facebook page, you might have noticed that I shared a snippet from a book every Tuesday during 2020 except for a few weeks toward the end of the year when I ran out of books. I planned to do something similar this year, but post my books on their birthday. 

Then, when I started making lists of when every book was published, I change my mind. Isn’t giveaways more fun? I think so.

How does it work?

At the beginning of each month, I’ll publish a post with the books having been released that month in the past. A week later, I’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments below who gets ebook copies of that month’s books. 

January only has two books. Apparently, I haven’t released a lot at the beginning of the year. But we have Worth His Salt and Scary Gary, so two paranormal short stories.

Worth His SaltWorth His Salt is a tattooed corpse story which is a series I’ve been writing with Amy Spector. It’s a series, and yet the books have nothing in common. The only thing binding them together is that in each book, a body will appear, and that body is the same in every story. 

Worth His Salt is about Eldred Henstare. He’s a not so powerful witch, who’s in charge of keeping spirits away from his city – something he isn’t very good at. It’s the call of a spirit that leads him to meet Mo. 

Energy more intense than anything he’d experienced before smashed into him and he stumbled backwards. He’d heard tales of spirits trying to incapacitate the guardian to be able to roam freely in a region, but those were no ordinary spirits.

Shit.” Eldred rubbed his heart. The area between his eyebrows burned despite the cold, and he flung out whatever energy he had stored to protect his aura.

Something was trying to force itself into his mind.

Who are you?”

Eldred yelped, there was no better word for it. To his right, a dark, towering figure had appeared out of nowhere. He dug his hand into his pocket and threw a handful of salt at the fucker. “Into the white light!”

Excuse me?” The figure spat on the ground. “I think it’s best if you leave my property.”

Eldred was sucking in breath after breath. He needed to cast a circle. He never should’ve gone alone.

Are you all right, kid?”

All right? Kid? Why are you here?”

The silence went on for a couple of seconds. “Because you’re on my lawn.”

Eldred looked down on the ground. The grass was neatly cut around him. When had he stepped off the meadow? The rain and wind were stinging his face, and he had a hard time thinking. He peered at the man, and it looked like a real, living, breathing man—exactly the way Eldred wanted his men.

Scary-Gary-gifAnd then we have Scary Gary. I’m in love with Scary Gary. It’s a super short story, only around 5k (and it’s free everywhere but on Amazon, because Amazon! *growl*) and I wrote it in a few days after having seen a writing prompt saying: There’s a reason I’m afraid of my own shadow.

Poor Micah has a murderous shadow. On days when he’s not careful, it gets the better of him. But, the good news is that when he dies, Gary the Grim Reaper shows up. And we all want Gary to show up LOL

Micah. Time to wake up.”

A cold hand lightly slapped Micah’s cheek, and he sucked in a breath. “Stop it.” The croak was a surprise. Though, considering he’d been strangled, it shouldn’t have been.

Oh, it talks.” Gary’s unimpressed huff would have made Micah smile if he’d had the energy. Squinting at Gary, he noticed they were in his apartment. His small, safe, apartment.

Are you okay?” The worry in Gary’s voice had hot and cold clashing in Micah’s chest. Those unnaturally blue eyes skidded over his face and he wondered how many scrapes and cuts there were this time.

Of course. I just missed your cheerful company and was wondering if maybe you’d be up for a nightcap.”

Gary groaned and rubbed his eyes, his shoulders slumping as if Micah had stolen what little energy he had. Guilt, and maybe a little worry, had Micah struggling to sit. There were bloody scrapes on his forearms. Bruises encircled his wrists—that was new. He frowned at them and glanced at Gary.

Gary flew to his feet, pointing a pale finger at him. “Do I need to remind you—” His black cloak billowed around him, blue smoke wafting from around his ankles, and his face etched in stern lines. Had this been the first time Micah had seen him, he’d have been petrified.

Oh, shut up, Scary Gary. Do you want a drink or not?” Micah refused to acknowledge the way his hands shook and how he wished Gary would sit on the sofa next to him.

So to join the giveaway, I want you to comment below and tell us about your favourite paranormal creature to read about. Is it wizards, shifters, or perhaps Grim Reapers? 

I read everything. I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to gods and demons, but some of my favourite stories have gods and demons in them, and I tend to avoid dragon shifters, but a few always end up in the read pile anyway.

Worth His Salt

Eldred Henstare is a not so powerful witch who’s been left in charge of helping the city’s lingering spirits to move on. He usually handles it pretty well, but something’s wrong with the spirit leading him to the abandoned lighthouse.

Mo Vin likes his quiet life in the cottage next to the lighthouse, at least it’s quiet until one night when Eldred Henstare—young, beautiful and crazy—arrives. After that night things aren’t the same. A man is found dead on the beach outside Mo’s cottage, and he’s almost sure he’s the one who killed him, except it doesn’t make sense. Why would he kill anyone?

Eldred needs to get rid of the ghost haunting Mo. If he doesn’t Mo’s life is in danger, but to do it he needs both Mo and his brother Lachtin to help out.


Micah Thaxter has a problem—one scary, inconvenient problem. His shadow wants him dead and isn’t shy about it.

On the plus side, it’s not his time to die and Scary Gary is always there to carry him back to the land of the living. Gary is far too pale, his black cloak a bit out of fashion, and his scythe quite terrifying, but he’s still one of the most beautiful men Micah has ever seen.

Micah may be stuck with a homicidal shadow, but perhaps there’s a way to keep Gary around too. His job escorting souls keeps him busy, but since Micah has already died once today, Gary’s there. So what’s the harm in offering him a cup of tea?

The giveaway ends on January 8th. I’ll announce the winner on the 9th.

Release Day | 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance

Release Day

It’s release day! 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance is released today. It’s an anthology of the ten best-selling gay romance short stories during 2020 from JMS Books.

A couple of the stories are Christmas stories, so I figured I’d snag a spot for the anthology among the other holiday posts despite it not being a holiday anthology. If you pick this up, you’ll get a little of everything. I’ll post the blurbs for the stories below so you can check them out.
2020 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the best-selling short stories published by JMS Books that year.From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by Kris T. Bethke, Ofelia Gränd, Nell Iris, Shawn Lane, Marco May, J.L. Merrow, Amanda Meuwissen, K.S. Murphy, Elizabeth Noble, and K.L. Noone, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Contains the stories: Once and Floral by Kris T. BethkeTurning Wood by Ofelia GrändAlways You by Nell IrisA Thankful Heart by Shawn LaneThe Sir by Marco MayThe King’s Honour by J.L. MerrowThe Immaculate Marlow King by Amanda MeuwissenPretend You Are for Five More Minutes by K.S. MurphyThe Freedom of Submission by Elizabeth Noble, and A Demon for Forever by K.L. Noone.

The stories:

Once and Floral by Kris T. Bethke 

Once and FloralFlorist West Walker loves weddings. When two gorgeous men walk into his shop for a consultation, he thinks they’re the best looking grooms. Finding out Monroe Peters is just there to support his brother makes West’s instant attraction to the man acceptable.

When Monroe shows up at the shop with a special request, West agrees. And when Monroe asks West to stay at the wedding as his guest, West is thrilled.

Can a magical wedding, the perfect arrangement, and kisses in the moonlight be all these two men need to start their own journey to a happily ever after?

Turning Wood by Ofelia Gränd

turning woodFor Otho Newcomer, the small village of Snowmelt is a haven from his old life. If he’s not exactly a changed man, he at least hopes to keep his distance from all those easy romances, and the inevitable heartache and disappointment that have always followed.

Mason Dager is an idiot. His ex has cleared out his bank account, sold his car and gotten him thrown out of his apartment. And he has no one to blame but himself. But what better way to celebrate a new chapter in his life—one that includes homelessness and the humiliation of telling his family they were right all along—than to spend Christmas at a swanky winter resort like River Cove? It’s already paid for after all.

When a very drunk Mason makes yet another dumb decision, Otho comes to the rescue, throwing the two men together during the most magical time of the year.

What should be the wrong choice for both of them, might be exactly what they need. They’ll just have to survive a nosy best friend, an asshole of an ex, and the scars of their pasts.

Always You by Nell Iris

53435223._sy475_Thom Novak feels like a walking cliché: the gay guy desperately in love with his straight best friend, Lee. But he’s willing to keep his feelings hidden, to do whatever it takes, as long as they stay friends forever.

Lee Conway loves sharing an apartment with Thom, his best friend since birth, and would be happy doing it for the rest of his life … no matter his current girlfriend’s opinion on the matter. But he’s never been known for being in contact with his emotions.

When something happens to upset the status quo, Lee pulls away. Has Lee learned how Thom feels about him? Will it mean the end of their friendship? Or is there another reason Lee needs time to think? A more … hopeful reason?

A Thankful Heart by Shawn Lane

A Thankful HeartIt’s the beginning of November and Fabian is looking to make plans to visit his family with his lawyer boyfriend, Michael, for Thanksgiving week. But when Fabian shows up at Michael’s office during the workday, Michael is rude and unreceptive to the idea, so Fabian breaks up with him.

Making the trip to San Jose by himself, Fabian is welcomed home by his loving Italian family who are just eager for him to come home for good. Fabian is set to make the best of Thanksgiving, single and all, but maybe a special visit will help to make his heart thankful once more.

The Sir by Marco May

the sirTwenty-year-old Jacques fantasizes about being with much older men. All the guys he’s been with around his own age just didn’t cut it, and the one man he’s been with who was older wasn’t old enough. He wants a true silver fox, and he’s more than willing to seek out one who attracts him the right way.

That’s when he meets Sir Nicholas, who might as well be a reimagined Santa stud. After an awkward encounter at the gym where Jacques works, Nicholas offers him a job that pays far more than his janitor position. He’s to be a kept sex slave to serve Nicholas — and whomever else the sexy Sir wants him to serve. Jacques eagerly accepts. After all, Nicholas is exactly the man he’s waited so long to find.

But the more he spends time with Nicholas, the more Jacques wants exclusivity. He’s determined to win his sexy silver fox over to monogamy. Will he manage to get what Nicholas doesn’t seem willing to give? Or will he be just another temporary toy?

The King’s Honour by J.L. Merrow

The King's HonourIn this M/M retelling of the Grimm fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Reuben, a soldier, is on his way to the castle to offer his services to the king, who is sorely troubled with the question of his family’s honour. His wayward daughters go out dancing every night, and refuse to tell how or where.

Walking through the forest, Reuben meets a handsome woodcutter, Corin, who offers to help him unravel the mystery of the dancing princesses. With the magical aid of Corin’s grandmother, the two set out together, mindful that their journey could end in sorrow. The king offers a rich prize to anyone who can discover the princesses’ secret—but the penalty for failure is death.

The Immaculate Marlow King by Amanda Meuwissen

The Immaculate Marlow KingMarlow King is a rare and powerful Storm Mage and an officer of the law, but he has a secret: he has an unfairly intense libido. And he’s a virgin.

After an embarrassing reaction during a sparring match with his rival and fellow Mage Officer, Rembrandt “Remy” Parker, Marlow stumbles upon a thief escaping the scene of her crime. Desperate to escape, she looks in Marlow’s mind to use his deepest secret against him — and curses him to lose his magic until he loses his virginity.

Enter Remy, who is definitely a very bad (very good) idea to fix things.

Pretend You Are for Five More Minutes by K.S. Murphy

pretend you are for five more minutesHenry Kato is in a really bad mood. One of his rude, annoying, and mildly offensive co-workers has been bugging him for weeks about the upcoming office party. To get him off his back, Henry enlists the help of his best friend Luke to go with him as his plus one.

What Henry doesn’t expect is for Luke to blurt out that they’re engaged. Which they’re most decidedly not. Even if Henry wishes it were true.

Do they have what it takes to convince everyone the engagement is real? Or will they burn up in smoke before the night even gets started?

The Freedom of Submission by Elizabeth Noble

The Freedom of SubmissionIan Groden loves his life. He’s happily married to the most wonderful man in the world. His career as the CEO of a thriving family business is right on track. He’s got it all. Ian is a man with a secret, however. He appears in control, but in reality, he’d rather let go and put his longings and physical pleasure in the hands of another. Being a submissive is utterly tantalizing and allows Ian to live out his every sexual whim without reservation or guilt.

Taren Murdoch is the man who fulfills Ian’s needs. He’s Ian’s husband, Dom, and protector. It’s Taren who doles out the pain Ian craves. There’s another side to that coin and that is to ensure the pain is never too much for Ian. Taren turns Ian’s pain into pleasure, a job that sometimes takes planning and creativity.

Ian and Taren have taken a break from their everyday lives and are enjoying a trip where they can indulge in their fantasies. It’s rare Ian has the freedom to spend day and night submitting to Taren. Will Taren be able to make sure he and Ian enjoy this dream vacation as much as they hope?

Demon for Forever by K.L. Noone

A Demon for ForeverA demon, a rock star, and wedding bells!

Justin Moore and Kris Starr have their happy ending: a life together, full of magic and music. Justin’s always wanted to get married, and ever since Kris proposed, he’s thrown himself into wedding planning. But planning a wedding’s not easy when the whole world’s watching their choices — including whether to invite Kris’s estranged father.

Kris wants Justin to have that perfect day. He’ll support the man he loves, whether that means agreeing to carrot cake or writing a new love song or getting excited when Justin shyly wants to wear a wedding dress. But Justin also wants him to reconcile with his father. And Kris loves Justin.

So, with their wedding weeks away, Kris will try to face the ghosts of his past … with his demon at his side.