Cover Reveal | Mind Scrambler


Can you guess what I have?? I cover! Yeah, I know the title of the post sort of gave it away, but I’m super excited about this one.

Mind Scrambler is the sequel to Soul Eater, and when I submitted it, I told my publisher there would be three stories, and that I wanted the covers to be similar. We talked about using an image without a person on it and change the colours for each story. We talked about being smart and picking three similar pictures right from the get-go, but nothing we found felt right. In the end, we decided to push the ‘cover problem’ on the future and focus on finding an image for Soul Eater that we thought fit.

We did. I’m glad we did. I like the Soul Eater cover, like the colours, like the energy ball. Thaddeus throws them around, so it was a good fit.

Cover-reveal-Mind-ScramblerBut… How the heck would we fix a matching cover for the next story? And not only matching. The main characters in Mind Scrambler aren’t wizards. How would we get that feeling of the covers belonging together when I couldn’t find any stock images that did?

I talked to my publisher about it while writing the story. I talked to my publisher about it when it was time to submit the story. The lovely people in my morning office looked at stock images with me, and in the end, my publisher told me to send in the story with some images I liked, and we’d go from there.

I’d sort of given up. I figured we’d use the same font and that would be enough, so when it appeared in my inbox, I was so happy.

Want to see?


Aren’t they pretty together? I love them! So now I have to write the third…

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Years ago, empath Elijah Long made a bad decision, and he is still paying for it. He’s kept hidden from his abusive werewolf ex for years, but when he wakes in a dark room, cuffed to a wall, he knows he’s out of luck. Elora, his psychic sister, will come for him, he just has to endure long enough to give her a chance to find him.

Captain Kol Jaecar of Rockshade’s Paranormal Investigations Department detests slow times at work, so when Elora wants time off to search for her brother, Kol treats it as if it’s a real case and starts an investigation. What he assumed was a brother not picking up when his sister called turns out to be something else.

Elijah experiences people’s emotions so strongly, it prohibits him from living a normal life. Spending time in the city is out of the question, yet it’s where Elora takes him once she finds him. Elijah does his best to keep his distance, especially from the growling man Elora brought to his rescue. Elijah will never make the mistake of getting close to a shifter again.

The moment Kol smells Elijah, he knows he’s his mate, but how to get close to someone who doesn’t want to be near you? The man who abused Elijah is still on the loose, and Kol calls in the entire team to hunt him down. But how are they to keep Elijah safe when he can’t be around people? And how will Kol stay sane if he can’t touch his mate?

Listen to a snippet | Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Listen Yesterday, Angel Martinez read a snippet from Elevator Pitch for her Friday Reading Day post.

She does this really cool thing where she reads a snippet from LGBT books, and yesterday she read from Elevator Pitch.

My experience is that how I feel about my books, doesn’t always (nearly never) match the readers’ reactions to it.

Elevator Pitch is one of my favourites! I loved writing it, the characters are very dear to me, and simply seeing it makes me smile. Readers? Hardly anyone has read it. I don’t know why. It might be the blurb, might be the cover, might be they simply don’t want to read about bats and bears trapped in an elevator.

But, here’s your chance to listen to an excerpt!

I think Angel does an awesome job reading it! It was so much fun to hear someone else read what I’d written. So much better than when I read it LOL

elevator pitchBjorn Ritter only wants one thing—to live his life away from nosey, demanding bears. That’s easier said than done when you’re the son of the female running the Bayside Bear Community. Cecil Baxter might be a bat, but he grew up away from shifter communities and he’s doing his best to continue to keep his distance. Shifters aren’t an accepting bunch and Cecil has never fit the norm.

Already facing a dreaded meeting with his mother, the last thing Bjorn needs is a stranger using his elevator to escape a pack of werewolves. And Cecil, whose day just seems to be getting worse and worse, could really do without the added stress of finding himself trapped in an elevator with a huge bear shifter.

Still, what could go wrong in three minutes?

New Addiction by April Kelley

I was in the mood for some growly bears – I know, but sometimes I want bear shifters. Don’t judge! I was searching on Amazon, and while I sometimes want growly bears, I tend to avoid dragons. Don’t ask me why, if I can buy a guy turning into a bear, wolf, panther or whatever, I should be fine with one turning into a dragon, but eh…

After some contemplating, I decided to give New Addiction (Wingspan 1) by April Kelley a try. It’s dragons, yes, but there is a bear, too. A growly, grumpy, pig-headed bear.

I’m glad I read this, it wasn’t exactly what I was after, but it held my attention. I was a bit annoyed by the characters’ inability to compromise, but they’re dragons and bears – what do you expect?

Caerwyn, our dragon, has a lot of family problems to deal with. Rory, our bear, is afraid to lose his freedom. There is some friction between them, but as the problems around them escalate, they learn to work together.

There are some loose ends, a vampire problem that isn’t solved among other things, but it’s the first in a series, so I guess answers will come later on.

If you’re into dragons, give it a go!

New AddictionThe first time Caerwyn meets his mate, it ends with rejection, growling, and bear shifters…oh, my!

After his parents die in a tragic car accident, dragon shifter Caerwyn Lewis doesn’t know how to grieve properly, not that he really has time. He has siblings that are relying on him to pay off the debt their parents incurred on the farm. Also, he has a brother who isn’t taking their parents’ death well. The last thing he needs is a distraction, but that’s what he gets when his Alpha calls him in to help another neighboring shifter town. The distraction comes in the form of a handsome but grumpy bear shifter named Rory.