Friday Reads – Shelter from the Storm

I’m continuing my Friday Reads…do I dare call it a series? Two posts almost make it a series, does it not? So, tell me what are you reading? Are you gearing up for Halloween with horror reads? Or are you curled up in an easy chair with a cup of tea reading a steamy romance? Or a cosy mystery?

It’s been a week of short reads for me, a long book seems too much of an effort at the moment, and isn’t that just sad. I’ve read about Sci-Fi flower sex, vines and all! I’ve read a little flash fiction, and a little horror, and I’ve just now started Shelter from the Strom by Mia West.

It’s a short one, I picked it mostly because of that but also because of the promised crossdressing—and there is crossdressing. I like the story so far, it’s formed as a letter, and though I don’t predict any surprises it seems like a sweet little tale.

I haven’t read anything by Mia West before, and I haven’t found this story anywhere other than on Goodreads. You’ll need to be a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group to read it, but if you are you’ll find it here.

Now, tell me, what are you reading?

Book Cover Selter from the StormDear Author,
I’ve never thought much about taking a wife. Eligible women are scarce here. When Ma died, it took all of our energy to keep the farm going. Pa died last year and I have help in the field but it’s not enough. A year of living alone has made me long for the sound of a voice besides my own and a warm body to help stave off the night chill. So I finally put in an ad for a mail order bride. And she’s on the next train. She seems perfect. She can cook, clean, tend a garden, and read and write. Maybe too good to be true. But I’m desperate and can’t help but hope.

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