Friday Reads – Shelter from the Storm

Book shelves with a ladder
Book shop CC0 Public Domain

What’s that book about?

I’m continuing my Friday Reads…do I dare call it a series? Two posts almost makes it a series, does it not? So, tell me what are you reading? Are you gearing up for Halloween with horror reads? Or are you curled up in an easy chair with a cup of tea reading a steamy romance? Or a cosy mystery?

It’s been a week of short reads for me, a long book seems too much of an effort at the moment, and isn’t that just sad. I’ve read about Sci-Fi flower sex, vines and all! I’ve read a little flash fiction, and a little horror, and I’ve just now started Shelter from the Strom by Mia West.

Book Cover Selter from the Storm
Book Cover – Shelter from the Storm

It’s a short one, I picked it mostly because of that but also because of the promised crossdressing—and there is crossdressing. I like the story so far, it’s formed as a letter, and though I don’t predict any surprises it seems like a sweet little tale.

I haven’t read anything by Mia West before, and I haven’t found this story anywhere other than on Goodreads. You’ll need to be a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group to read it, but if you are you’ll find it here.

Now, tell me, what are you reading?

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