Friday Reads – Checking Him Out

It’s Friday again, maybe you knew already, but there it is—it’s Friday! It’s also November which means that some of us crazy people have signed up to write 50.000 words in a month. That’s a little more than twice as much as I usually write, and it’s cutting into my reading time. Lately, everything has been cutting into my reading time, which is why I started this whole Friday Reads thing to begin with—to make sure I, at least, read something on Fridays. And I have read one story, Checking Him Out by Debbie McGowan.

I love Debbie McGowan’s writing, and luckily for me there are still many of her books I haven’t read. Ms McGowan has a way with words, that’s for certain. When I read her books I’m in awe because she makes it look easy. Her language flows and I just love the way she tells a story.

I read When Skies Have Fallen the other week and I cried my eyes out. Checking Him Out had me choking up, but it wasn’t quite the emotional read for me as When Skies Have Fallen was—it’s still an emotional read, don’t think that it isn’t!

Sol is married to a woman, for convenience. It’s easier that way, no one has to know he’s gay, and he can live life without problems. It had been great if he’d been happy, but he can’t remember the last time he laughed. One run-in with Captain Impatient later and Sol can’t stand his current life, but he can’t move on until some really dark things from his past have been sorted out.

Checking Him Out was part of last year’s Don’t Read in the Closet event and is therefore free. I don’t know how Debbie has the time but she has turned this into a series, I think there are five stories so far, and the next one in line is Checking Him Out For the Holidays. Are you gearing up some holiday stories, read this one first (I might be the last one on earth who hadn’t by now) or go directly to Checking Him Out For the Holidays, it’s a stand-alone with the same characters as Checking Him Out.

What have you been reading this week?

Book Cover Checking Him Out

Engineer Sol Brooks is a happily married man, so people keep telling him. He and Elise have been in Boston for eight years, he loves her, and she loves him. They’ve got a great apartment that’s kept its value, they’re both up for promotion, and he can hook up with any guy he likes – all the sex he wants, so long as it’s of the “no strings” variety. And that’s all fine and dandy…until a chance meeting at the checkout.

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