Friday Reads| Peter and the Wolf

CC0 Public Domain

I haven’t been reading for ages. Or I’ve been reading, but mostly non-fiction, and sad but true, the fiction I have read have been my own writing and I hate that. I don’t mind reading what I’ve written when I’m in the middle of it, but picking up a story that’s a year old—that’s just painful.

So I wanted to read something short, something I could start and end in one sitting without having to stop to go fetch the kids, or make lunch, or put anyone to bed. What I did was to go to Amazon’s 15 min read’s list and download one of the free stories there. I didn’t even know what it was about, I just wanted something.

What I got was a short tale about Will and Peter called Peter and the Wolf. It was sweet and left me smiling. You can’t expect a novel in eight pages but what this story gives you is a little glimpse of a relationship that isn’t what you first think when you start reading. Cute!

I haven’t read anything by Fabian Black before but I might pick something up in the future.

What are you reading?

Gay Romance ~ a short, sweet and humorous M/M story

What’s a man to do when his partner seems to prefer housework to sex?

Will decides it’s time to get in touch with his alpha side when his partner Peter shows more interest in housework than in him.

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