Friday Reads | Graham Ran Over A Reindeer

Sometimes I see a title and think I have to read that one! That was what happened when Graham Ran Over a Reindeer by Sterling Rivers showed up in my feed on Goodreads. I laughed and thought I should go buy it. As it happened it was free on Amazon that day, so I picked it up. It’s not free any longer I’m afraid, but it’s still cheap, only 0.99.

It’s a short holiday read, a hundred pages or so. And apart from a great title, it also gets points for having reindeer shifters—I don’t think I’ve come across those before.

It’s a sweet romance that I’m sure many will love, it was a bit wasted on me though. Not that I didn’t know it would be one of those sugary reads, but for me, it was a bit too much. That, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t like it. Many readers love the gazing into each other’s eyes and swearing eternal love elements.

So, if you want something sweet to get you into a holiday spirit, why not pick up a little reindeer love?? If you’re on the hunt for a holiday story that isn’t as sweet, check out The Invasion of Tork! It’s free through December and shouldn’t be missed. *

What are YOU reading at the moment?

Book Cover Graham Ran over a ReindeerNeed a little spice with your sugar this holiday?

Rudy Snowden has been pining for Graham Miller since they were teenagers, but being a shape-shifter and in love with a human isn’t easy. After years of dancing around each other, Rudy decides to take the big leap and ask the guy on a date.

Truck driver Graham Miller is glad to be home for Christmas in Alaska. Road weary and suffering from the holiday blues, Rudy Snowden is the perfect pick me up—if Graham can summon the courage to ask him out. While picking up a Christmas tree from Rudy, Graham is unable to find the words, and leaves without the man he’s wanted for so long. Lost in a snowstorm sprinkled with misery, Graham hits a caribou—could his day get any worse? He rushes the animal to the Snowden vet clinic, where he quickly learns things can always get… stranger. The creature he nearly killed isn’t just any animal, and the Snowdens aren’t a normal family. With his secret finally revealed, Rudy makes his move. But can Graham accept Rudy’s inhuman nature and be the life-mate he wants?

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