Friday Reads | The Envelope

Another week has passed—sick children, sleepless nights, a football-injured husband. More chaos than normal in other words. I sat down to write this post when I realised I hadn’t read more than a few pages in the book I’m currently reading. I don’t usually read more than one book at a time but since I hardly know what At Piper’s Point (my currently-reading) is about I headed over to Amazon and downloaded a story from the Best Sellers in 30-Minute LGBT short reads list.

The story grabbing my attention was The Envelope by Stephen del Mar. Often when I’m on the hunt for something short I simply grab one of the top stories of whatever list I’m looking at, but since I wasn’t in the mood for some sizzling erotica I went looking for a story without a naked guy on the cover.

Tony lost his partner and is grieving when a delayed letter shows up. He is a bit hesitant about opening it not knowing if it will bring him more sorrow or not. It’s a very short story, quite emotional but still, it left me a bit unfulfilled. I don’t know if the story is to continue, there are other stories from Bennett Bay but from what I’ve seen there’s no sequel to Tony’s story. I haven’t read anything by Stephen del Mar before, I have seen him around, though, and he’s well worth a try if you haven’t read anything by him.

book cover The Envelope Stephen del MarA tropical storm is battering Bennett Bay, a small town on Florida’s Gulf coast. Tony’s trying to close a sale on a house. The commission on this property will be a life changer but it just isn’t going to happen. He fights his way home through the storm to find a mysterious envelope waiting for him. Will it add more misery to a bad day or will it be a ticket to move on?

This story is also available in: Stories from Bennett Bay: Collection One. ASIN: B00E7IJWPK

Short story: ~3,500 words

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