Friday Reads | Dynasty of Ghosts

Friday!!! I know some of you will disagree but I think it’s Friday all the time.

With four kids, one dog, two cats, and one visiting mother there haven’t been much time to read which has proven to be extremely frustrating. I have a few pages left of P.L. Nunn’s Dynasty of Ghosts and I can’t help but mutter foul words every time I get interrupted. It’s one of those books I know will leave me feeling empty and lost, not knowing what to read next. P.L. Nunn tends to do that to me.

While I love Dynasty of Ghosts, can’t put it down and yet dread for it to end, Bloodraven still is the book I think of each time I see P.L. Nunn’s name. If I were to name all-time favourites Bloodraven would be mentioned, not that Illya will easily be forgotten in the future—the longhaired little ranger has won my heart.

Before picking up a Nunn book, you should be aware that those I’ve read have all been quite bloody, grim, and containing non-con sex scenes. These are not sugary sweet tales—I happen to love that but I’m pretty certain there are plenty of people out there who don’t, so be warned but don’t miss out on this author. *

Dynasty of Ghosts Cover by P.L. NunnIllya has always been different – fey, quiet, and cursed with the ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead. A younger son of a younger son from a backwater mountain province, he is a nobody in the king’s army until he comes to the notice of the Prince Knight himself, the spoiled, stubborn heir to the kingdom of Aldania.

Caught up in a war that has raged for generations between Aldania and a neighboring kingdom, captured and imprisoned by a mad king, Illya and Prince Ashe discover a history of lies, betrayal and assassination, and the ghostly truth beneath it all. Opposites in every way, they forge a common bond that pain, war and betrayal will test to the very limit of their strength.

To end a dynasty of madness and suffering, Illya must embrace the ability he has always hated, and look to the dead for answers.

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