Affiliations, Aliens, and Other Profitable Pursuits – the reason I’m waiting for an alien to come and save me.

prague library
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We’re having a birthday party here this weekend which has required some baking and cleaning on my part and add to that having a three-month-old, I’m sure you can understand the frustration this has fuelled inside of me…you see, it takes time away from Ondry.

When is a plum-coloured alien coming to claim me?

That’s what I’d like to know. I’m not usually a Sci-Fi fan but something about these tail-pulling, egg-laying creatures makes me want to lock the door and pretend I’m not home—though that’s natural behaviour for me even without Ondry to look forward to.

Affiliations, Aliens, and Other Profitable Pursuits is book #3 in the Claimings series by Lyn Gala.  Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts (Claimings, #0.5) is free (but last time I checked it wasn’t available anymore), and then we have Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts (Claimings #1) and Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities (Claimings #2). All of them are awesome!

I’m not one to read a lot of BDSM and this is labelled as such, but it’s so much more about the dynamics in Liam and Ondry’s relationship than the sex scenes we usually get to take part of in M/M BDSM books (or at least the ones I’ve read). There is no question they have a D/s relationship, though – the best kind, if you ask me.

I love the world, love how we’re lead into the Rownt culture, and I’m so glad I own these books because I will read them again. If you haven’t, give them a try! * * *

A desire for status has brought Ondry and Liam to a human world to trade, but dealing with humans has brought up all the old pain in Liam’s heart. Even though Ondry would do anything to protect his beloved palteia, he doesn’t know how to protect Liam from himself. Worse, Ondry isn’t sure how to shield Liam from the shifting politics on the Rownt ship where the Calti Grandmothers are nothing like the ones they left behind on the planet.

With everything in their lives changing, Ondry and Liam have only each other. If Ondry can’t find a way to defend Liam from the ghosts of the past and overcome the impossibly short life span of a human, their small family might be over long before either of them is ready to let go. Ondry has always been a dominant and possessive Rownt, and with Liam in danger, those traits are necessary as he challenges the world to protect his lover.

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