Friday Reads | Picture Us

There is something about cameras… I saw the cover of Picture Us by Shayla Mist and just had to read it. There really should be more photographers in our books, and more cameras on our covers. I can only think of two books apart from this with cameras on the cover – Watching Elijah Fall by Amy Spector and Take My Picture by Giselle Ellis, I loved both.

But now to the story! Picture Us is an M/M Romance novelette about Chance who has been in love with his neighbour forever and Terrance, the neighbour. Chance is a nature photographer who has been away for several years but after having lost the aunt and uncle who raised him in a car accident he arrives home and there is Terrance.

It’s a sweet story about overcoming hang-ups, dealing with grief, and daring to believe in a better future. Light and yet not.

Check it out if you’re in the mood for some camera fun! *

Book cover Picture Us by Shayla MistChance has lost two things in the past year: his only remaining family and his passion for photography. He didn’t expect to get any of them back or to gain anything new, until he finds out his childhood crush, Terrance, is gay. But either Terrance isn’t interested in him or he has a real hang-up about dating younger men. Can Chance make him change his mind?

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