Friday Reads | Cherry Pop Valentine

Friday!!! Have you been reading anything good this week? I had me some Cherry Pop Valentine by Debbie McGowan with my morning coffee today—a lovely distraction for the fact that my mother is coming and the house looks like crap. But I favour coffee and a good book over cleaning every day of the week so I decided to read…and soon I’ll have to clean *sigh*.

If you’ve read Debbie McGowan before you know the writing is good, and it is here too, but the plot isn’t really what I associate with Ms McGowan.  This is a rather short, steamy read, and for a Swedish girl like me, it’s always fun to see Swedish characters in books. We meet Sven and Flavier who has been together for ten years. The story is told in Flavier’s POV, and there is no mistaking how much he loves Sven, but one stupid little slip-up, and he risks losing Sven forever.

This is the kind of story you read in one sitting (or two if you have kids who interrupt you). *

Their band’s new single is due to be released in four days’ time, and lovers Sven and Flavier are beyond excited. It’s tipped to be a big hit, and Flav can’t wait to see the online reaction to the promo film he’s made.

But when he joins Sven in bed, he can’t even begin to imagine the fallout that will ensue when he awakes, and all his dreams are shattered with just one click of an upload button.

Can he fix the damage caused by that one careless click, or will he be condemned to endure Valentine’s Day alone?

– – –

WARNING: this story contains sex acts between consenting male adults.

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