Friday Reads | The Break-In

It’s NaNo times people, I don’t have time to read! That’s not entirely true because I haven’t been writing either, but there haven’t been many pages read on my part this week. Since my attention span isn’t up to its normal level I picked a short read for this Friday. The Break-In by Sloan Parker is an erotic short story about Billy, Dough, and Roger.

Billy used to be a part of their relationship but after having been in prison he doesn’t feel he has the right to come back. That doesn’t stop him from breaking into what once was his home every Friday night when Dough and Roger are out eating. This Friday, however, they happen to come home a little early…

I enjoyed it, it’s a short, hot read, and being a little crazy like I am I found it quite funny when Billy hid under the bed. Check it out if you’re in the mood for a short M/M/M.

Book cover The Break-In Sloan ParkerHeartbroken and lonely, Billy’s been breaking into his ex-lover’s apartment every Friday night for a little solo sex in the bed they used to share. One night he almost gets caught. Now he has only seconds to decide if he should stay or run from the most erotic encounter of his life—and maybe a chance at love again.

This story includes m/m/m sexual content and was originally published via the author’s website.

Contemporary Erotic
Short Story
includes m/m/m sexual content
16 pages (in PDF)
Word Count: 6,000

Author’s Note
This story was inspired by the Alanis Morissette song “Your House” where she walks into her former lover’s house, puts on his robe, listens to his music, and lies in his bed, all while he’s seeing someone else. I wanted to write a story with a similar theme, but give it a romantic twist. “The Break In” is the result of that personal challenge.

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