Friday Reads | M/M Holiday Delights

This isn’t a real Friday Reads post, I haven’t read anything since yesterday, but… There is this blog called Books, Coffee & Captured Moments and for the third year in a row, I think at least, they post M/M Holiday Delights. Every day several holiday stories are presented, so what better way to get gear up for the season than to go over there and check it out?

Yesterday, Shiny Things by Amy Spector, The Invasion of Tork by Claire Davis and Al Stewart, and Once in a Snowstorm by moi had their turn, all on the same day.  There are more of Beaten Track’s authors there too, and many many others. Books from 92 different writers plus 21 anthologies will each have their turn from now and up to the end of the year.

I wrote a little about Shiny Things yesterday – you can read it here – and if you haven’t read The Invasion of Tork I dare say it’s time. Not only is it time, it is also free.

It’s time to start the holiday reads!

Book Cover The Invasion of TorkAdam is cool, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous – all the guys tell him so! When he is forced to start voluntary work at the local homeless shelter, all he worries about is keeping the clients well away from him and finishing the placement as soon as possible. Until he meets Tork.

Tork is clever and funny. He makes origami models and reads Dickens. Tork has green hair and makes Adam’s heart race with longing. But Tork is homeless and not at all impressed with Adam’s attitude.

Can Adam see past his fear and arrogance? Can Tork give Adam a chance?
Can two such different men turn the world upside down and find out what really matters? Read to find out their story.

* * * * *

A story from Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology

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