Friday Reads | The Elf and Cranberry Creampuff

For this Friday I’ve picked The Elf and Cranberry Creampuff by C.L. Etta. This really isn’t my kind of story, but it’s that time of year.

As both the title and the cover suggest, this is a lighthearted holiday romance. Edmund is an elf who has been banished from the North Pole for making inappropriate toys. Every December for the last fifty years he’s been helping out at different malls. The rest of the year he’s been trapped in a glass globe. Then, when the banishment is over, and it’s time for him to go back to the Nort Pole he meets Dexter. Sparks fly and wood is created.

This novelette is filled with holiday cheer and love. Me being me, I’d rather gone without the love declarations, but I think you romantics out the would object to that. Sometimes there was a little POV-confusion on my part, but I had a few laughs, and it did live up to my expectations so I won’t complain.

I haven’t read anything by C.L. Etta before, but after having snooped around a little I saw that she has two other books out and one to come at the very beginning of 2017. If you like pink glitter and spunk tasting of Christmas cookies, be sure to check this one out! *

Book Cover of The Elf and Cranberry CreampuffEdmund is an esthetic over industrious elf banished from the North Pole. His punishment — 50 years spent serving the suburban mall Santas. During his final earthbound Christmas season he meets one of his living and breathing creations–Cranberry Creampuff, the doll that got him banished five decades earlier.

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