Friday Reads | Thirteen: Part One

OMG! I read Thirteen: Part One (The Others Project #2) by Adrienne Wilder and I had promised myself not to, not until Part Two was out. Why did I?! *wail* Well, I know why. I really liked Seven and have been waiting for the next part of the series for ages (feels like ages at least), and every time I’ve gone through my TBR list I’ve seen that green number there.

I’m not overly big on Sci-Fi, or rather this is my kind of Sci-Fi. I tend to avoid the first contact alien invasion kind of stories but books like this grab hold of me and never let go until there is nothing left to read.

So why wait to read this book? Because it ends right in the middle, and when I say right in the middle, I mean right in the middle. I don’t think there was a single chapter ending with such a cliffhanger as the book did. There was a silent NO! bouncing around in my head when I came to the last line of the page and it said ‘End Book One.’ So now I almost wish I hadn’t read it *sigh*

It was awesome, though. I love the grittiness of the world presented and I really hope there will be more Others books…soon. *

Book Cover Thirteen The Others Project by Adrienne WilderBook Two (part one) of the Other’s Project.

Quinn Farlin’s life just went from the frying pan into the fire.

All because he made one stupid mistake: he fell in love. Then he was left behind by the love of his life as payment for her freedom. Now Quinn lives as a slave to the Kent Family Empire; counterfeiting, money, paintings, rare coins, and anything else to keep his knees intact and his heart beating.

There seems to be no way out until one night a fireball falls from the sky and a mysterious voice on the phone saves his life. All the stranger asks in return is help for friend.

A friend with scars down his spine. A tattoo of the number 13 on the back of his neck. A friend who upon meeting Quinn can read his mind and watches him with adoration.

And while Quinn is convinced he’s still in love with the woman who left him, his heart has other plans.

Now it’s just a matter of staying alive; a task easier said than done, since nothing is what it seems to be, and the world he’s always known just fell down the rabbit hole.

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