Friday Reads | The Raven’s Luck

Why didn’t I read this little story when it first came? I really enjoyed The Raven’s Luck by Laylah Hunter. I mostly picked it because it was short and because I have a thing for assassins – I mean what sane girl hasn’t? LOL – but once I started reading I lost myself in the story.

Sam and Rio are both assassins, they start out as rivals trying to impress each other with their skills and witty comments, but then comes a job they need to cooperate on. Sparks fly, both actual and metaphorical, and when the story neared the end I wished it had been longer. I would’ve loved to read more about the world Sam and Rio are in and I’m sure there are more politicians who need to die.

A great little read and lucky for us all it was written as part the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event and is, therefore, free. If you like a little Sci-Fi and a dead guy or two then give it a go.

Download here!

Book Cover The Raven's Luck bu Layla HunterDear Author,

I’d like him to be an assassin of some sort. Bonus points if we get to see him get his hands dirty. Extra bonus points for moral ambiguity. I don’t know or care what race (human, elf, fey, etc.) Some sort of storyline outside the romance would be good, and at least some world-building would be nice. I enjoy battles and fighting. There should probably be some sort of fantasy element present, but I leave that completely at your discretion. Setting (historical, fantasy, contemporary) is also up to the author. I just want to see someone tell this guy’s story, whatever it may be

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