Friday Reads | Sluggo Snares a Vampire

Friday again! This week I’ve read Sluggo Snares a Vampire by Rick R. Reed. It was just what I was in the mood for and I might have laughed at the end…I’m sure that says more about me than the story, though.

Sluggo hangs around a lot of chatrooms looking for love. He’s presenting himself as Sir Raven, a wild-eyed Cuban stud, in reality, he’s not that much of stud. But, despite his receding hairline, a man takes interest in him. They’re chatting and then things turn weird.

I loved how this story turned creepy really quick. A good horror story where vampires don’t sparkle and piercing fangs don’t result in a mind-blowing orgasm. Not that I mind those kinds of stories now and then, but sometimes it’s nice when the monsters stay evil.

This is a free story (for now at least) so give it a go! *

Book Cover Sluggo Snares a Vampire by Rick R. ReedWhen Sluggo cruises online chat rooms, he isn’t looking for a hook-up; he’s looking for love. But love has a way of being elusive, especially when you’re not being honest. Presenting himself as “Sir Raven,” Sluggo promises his chat room cohorts he’s the “master of the night.”

And then he meets someone who challenges him — someone who claims the title “master of the night” as his own. TepesAllure’s enigmatic and flirtatious messages to Sluggo start out as fun banter, but quickly turn to eerie disquiet.

As the night unfolds, so do the advances of TepesAllure … and even when Sluggo tries to escape, he finds that getting out is not nearly as easy as getting in.

NOTE: This story appears in the author’s collection, Unhinged.

Genres: Gay / Erotic Horror / Dark Fantasy / Vampire

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