Five Fangs Friday

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I went searching for a vampire book so I could write a post about vampires. Then I had this awesome idea of listing my top five M/M vampire stories, you know, in time for Halloween and all. Only…I did that last year, and I just realised that a year has gone by and I’d still say the same thing.

So I went with my first idea and hopped onto Amazon and grabbed a vamp book – Warlock’s Cove by Jade Astor. It was on the one hour list so I figured I’d just make myself a cup of coffee and snuggle up on the sofa (sounds way more peaceful than it is, add four kids to the picture and you’re getting closer to the reality.)

I didn’t check any reviews, saw that there was a (Part 1) after the title, but figured it was the book 1 in a series so we’d get to the end of something. I liked the beginning, was getting into the story, it was starting to build towards something, and then it ended – nothing resolved. I wouldn’t mind paying 1.29 (yes, I checked) for Part 2, but I fear nothing will be resolved in that part either…

So, back to the five vampire reads recommendation! LOL

Hunter of Demons! Have you read Hunter of Demons by Jordan L. Hawk? If not, do. I absolutely adored Gray, and it’s a little different from your normal vampire story.

Spirit Sanguine by Lou Harper, because everyone needs a vegetarian, cross-dressing vampire in their lives, and Gabe, the vampire slayer, needs it more than most.

Manikin by Jordan Castillo Price. Manikin is the third story in the Channeling Morpheus series and you should read the first two before reading this, but it’s my favourite so I’ll list it here. Everyone needs to read about the horrors of Marushka’s pretty things.

Pretty Monsters by Andrea Speed. Josh is selling frozen burritos to zombies and lizard-monsters, and then there is Hot Guy who comes in the evenings… I loved this short story, but just a little while ago I went to pick up book #2 and realised it’s no longer available. I hope they’ll be back. They were originally published by Riptide, so maybe it is that the rights have been given back to Andrea Speed and that she will release them anew at some point…hopefully.

The Vampire’s Werewolf Bodyguard by Liv Ryder. Simon is a vampire who just survived an assassin trying to take him out, to make himself safer while figuring out who’s behind the attack, he hires Cody, a werewolf. Vamps and weres aren’t friends, and Cody isn’t exactly in control of his wolf. I nice werewolf/vampire story.

I haven’t read that many M/M vampire stories, way fewer than I thought I had, but here’s a page where you can see what I have so far. I also realise that I need to write one, at least LOL.

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