In the mood for some werewolves?

Today, I know what I’ve read, and that’s Lonewolf by J.L Merrow. I’ve read a few Merrow books before, but it was a long time ago now. I’ve liked all of them so why it’s gone so long I don’t know, but it’s been a couple of years, at least, since I read one.

I saw Lonewolf on Amazon on a list over short reads and picked it up. It wasn’t until I went on GR after I’d read it I realised this story has upset several readers. I’ve only read the revised version, but I understand some things have been removed or at least reworded.

Carl is in Stuttgart, and there he hooks up with a guy. It turns bloody, and Carl turns furry LOL. He sees himself as a monster and isolates himself in fear of hurting the people around him.

Years later he’s going back to search for the man who turned him, but he’s coming up empty. He finds something else…or perhaps I should say someone else, though.

I really liked the ending, it left me grinning.

This is just a short little story written to give a background story to one of the characters in Merrow’s Camwolf series. I don’t think you have to have read it to be able to enjoy Lonewolf, though – I haven’t.

books2read.com/LonewolfJL *


Sex with a stranger can be riskier than you know… particularly if that stranger turns out to be a werewolf. A companion to — or appetiser for — my novel Camwolf.

Two years ago a casual encounter in Stuttgart left Carl changed forever. He thought he could handle being a werewolf—until he passed the curse on to his English lover, Nick Sewell.

Now Carl’s come back to Germany to look for answers from the man who made him a monster. But Stefan’s disappeared, and in his place Carl finds Christian, who may have as much to hide as Carl does—or even more.

This is a short story in the same universe as Camwolf, but with different main characters. If you’ve read the novel you may recall that Nick Sewell was turned into a werewolf three years before the start of Camwolf by his then lover, Carl Fisher. This is Carl’s story, and it’s a dark little tale.

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