A Case of Possession

I read just about everything, or I like to believe that I do, but it’s not true. I don’t read books with religious themes if I can help it, I don’t read YA/NA if I can avoid it, I don’t read menage unless I’m in a reading challenge that demands it, and I hardly ever read historicals.

But, there is always a but, isn’t there? I do love some of the YA/NA books I’ve read, I have a few (very few but they exist) religious-themed books that I’ve really enjoyed, and some of my favourite books are historicals.

I often say I don’t read them unless it’s Jordan L. Hawk, and then I might add ‘And I really liked The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles.’ I did love The Magpie Lord so why it took me so long to I pick up A Case of Possession I do not know.

Once I did, though, I couldn’t put it down. Giant rats! How brilliant. And Lord Crane *swoon*

I love the Britishness in these books, really the world needs more British books LOL. I wouldn’t mind going on a trip with Steph and Lord Crane to China, but for now, I’m just happy to have been able to curl up on the sofa and disappear into the magic world of magpies and lords.

If you haven’t read The Magpie Lord, I suggest that you do, I really do.

books2read.com/ACaseOfPossession *

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A Case of PossessionMagic in the blood. Danger in the streets.

Lord Crane has never had a lover quite as elusive as Stephen Day. He knows Stephen’s job as justiciar requires secrecy, but the magician is doing his disappearing act more than seems reasonable—especially since Crane will soon return to his home in China. When a blackmailer threatens to expose their illicit relationship, there’s only one thing stopping Crane from leaving the country he loathes: Stephen.

Stephen has problems of his own. As he investigates a plague of giant rats sweeping London, his sudden increase in power, boosted by his blood-and-sex bond with Crane, is rousing suspicion that he’s turned warlock. With all eyes on him, the threat of exposure grows. Stephen could lose his friends, his job and his liberty over his relationship with Crane. He’s not sure if he can take that risk much longer. Crane isn’t sure if he can ask him to.

The rats are closing in, and something has to give…

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