National Nylon Stocking Day

Say what now? Yup, you read that right. Today it’s National Nylon Stocking Day (though why these days can’t be international, I don’t know. I’m claiming it!) So, why would I do a blog post about pantyhose?

The reason is simple. I saw in my calendar that it’s Nation Nylon Stocking Day and I googled. I was a little curious, I know we celebrate just about anything these days, but why stockings? I can’t really say why there is a nylon stocking day, but did you know they were sold on the black market during the second world war??

So cool, and it really made me want to write a black market story with a little stocking action LOL.


DuPont was an American company who started making nylon stockings in 1939. The American women loved their stockings, and up to 4 million pairs were sold every day, but then in1942 the US entered the WWII, and DuPont stopped making stockings and began manufacturing parachutes, aeroplane cords and rope instead. It created a mass shortage of stockings, and they started to appear on the black market.

So how do we tie this to the M/M world? By talking cross-dressing books of course. I wish I could say by talking about black market books, but I can’t think of any. If you have some black market books up your sleeve, please list them in the comments below. I’d love to read some.

But now to the cross-dressing!

I haven’t read loads of underwear kink books, but I’ve read a few (close to 30 I think), and I’ve written two short stories (Knickers in a Twist and An Empty Egg).

Some of my favourite cross-dressing books are:

Blind SpaceBlind Space by Marie Sexton.

This is not heavy on the cross-dressing, no one appears in drag, but it’s there as a kink. Tristan serves the Prince, in more ways than one, but when they’re going on a trip on their fancy spaceship, they’re suddenly taken prisoners by pirates. The only way that could’ve happened was if someone betrayed them.

Tristan is blinded for a few weeks by a special light gadget. He has no idea what the people around him look like, but one of the pirate captains fancies Tristan and starts a slow seduction. *

Rarely Pure and Never SimpleRarely Pure & Never Simple by Angel Martinez

I’ve read this book several times, and I’m still hoping Ms Martinez will continue the series. This is also a sci-fi story, but it takes place on Earth.

Some people have unique skills, and Damien is one of them. He can find people anywhere, he just needs to pick up their trail. When children are going missing he’s paired up with the feared Blaze who’s talent is pyrokinesis. It’s hate at first sight, but once these men manage to peel away a few layers of the other, they see a different side. And in Blaze’s case, there are a few frilly surprises as well.

Rarely Pure & Never Simple is sadly unavailable 

Slow Bloom Slow Bloom by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

It’s a long time since I read this one and what I can say is that it’s not my cup of tea. I was squirming my way through, being way out of my comfort zone for the most part. And in the end? In the end, I loved it…or at least liked a lot – it’s still not my kind of book LOL

Here we have a young man in full drag, and in full everything you can think of. Ricky is crushing on his 28 years older neighbour Jack. Jack has a past in the bdsm world and takes it upon himself to show Ricky what that world has to offer.

Slow Bloom isn’t available at the moment.

As He Watches As He watches by Finn Marlowe

We’re continuing outside of my comfort zone LOL. Humiliation is not my thing…at all, but it’s what Erik wants, and Winter has no trouble giving it to him. Erik knows nothing of Winter, he doesn’t even know his name. He’ll receive a text with a clue to where they shall meet, and if he manages to figure it out, Winter will give him what he craves. Winter sets Erik off on a scavenger hunt, and we all get some D/s lacy fun.

This has leather, lace, and dirty talk and best of all, a Dom who doesn’t touch the sub. Self-denial is so hot sometimes LOL.

As He Watches is a DRitC story and you can download it for free here.

We need one more, right? Five is a good number.

A Rose is a RoseA Rose is a Rose by Jet Mykles

This is so cute. Carson is a burlesque artist, his androgynous looks give him an important role in the show, but as soon as he ends it with his sugar dad, he realises his looks weren’t that important to the bosses after all.

Eddie is Carson’s landlord and the sweetest man alive, but he isn’t rich, and Carson can’t be with a man who isn’t rich, no matter how pretty roses Eddie grows him.

Like almost every book I’ve read by Jet Mykles, this is a GFY story. It was written back in 2011, and no one talked about being genderqueer then (or I’m sure they did but not in forums where I saw it) and I won’t argue the identity of a fictive character, but if Carson came out as genderqueer I wouldn’t be surprised.

A Rose is a Rose isn’t available at the moment.

What are your favourite cross-dressing stories? Here you can see the ones I’ve read.

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