Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek

I just read Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek by R. Cooper. I’m not a Trekkie, but I do love geeks, I really, truly do. I don’t care what you’re stuck on – if you’ve immersed yourself in a subject enough to cross the line and ended up on the crazy side, you’ll have my devotion. It doesn’t matter if it’s superheroes, code, plants or whatever, if you’re excited I’m with you! LOL

And Tommy…I loved Tommy.

I’ve only read Play It Again, Charlie by R. Cooper before but I’ve always meant to read more, and now I did. I loved it, I loved the coffee, I loved the quiet, geeky flirting, I loved how Tommy could read all Tavio’s looks.

Throughout it all I had this cosy feeling, just wanting more, waiting for them to take the next step. I wish it had been longer, I wish we would’ve been shown more, I’d had loved a glimpse into what their future might look like. Still enjoyed it, just wished there was more.

It’s short, it’s sweet, Tavio is silent, Tommy is talking non-stop, and how Tavio handles the caramel is as close to coffee porn we’ll ever come LOL.

Cute! *

If you’re in the mood for nerds, I created a shelf for the ones I’ve encountered.

Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of GeekFormer soldier Octavio “Tavio” Reyes works as a barista, a favorite with the customers—especially Tommy O’Shaughnessy. An avowed geek, Tommy comes in daily to flirt, usually under the guise of Trekkie talk. Tavio hesitates; now that he’s out of the army, he’s not sure how out he should be, or whether to take his chances on a geek devoted to sci-fi and comic books. But when Tommy compares him to an unemotional Vulcan, Tavio finally considers dating an out-and-proud nerd. Then Tommy surprises him again and introduces him to his daughter, whom Tommy loves even more than Star Trek or Tavio. Now Tavio has a whole new decision to make: Is he ready to romance a family man?

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