My Partner the Wolf

I was in the mode for a shifter story and My Partner the Wolf (Shifters and Partners #1)
by Hollis Shiloh has been on my kindle app for ages, so I figured perhaps it was time to read it.

Something about this book had me keeping on reading despite not really wanting to – Sean probably, or the wish to see when Tom grew a pair – but for the most part, this book annoyed me.

Most of the focus is on the relationship between Sean and Tom, not so much on the cases they solve or the werewolf stuff, and that’s fine even though I found the dynamic of them being paired up as one werewolf and one human detective interesting and would’ve loved to get more into that.

What annoyed me was Tom, and that’s unfortunate since he’s the main character and it’s his POV we’re getting. I was about to quit so many times because I thought finally he was growing a brain, but no, then he went back to being an arsehole to Sean while sobbing about how unfair life was treating him – sorry, I slipped into bitch mode.

I liked Sean, I liked the idea of a human/shifter detective team, but it’s not my favourite shifter story, and it’s not my favourite Hollis Shiloh story…but it is a story LOL *

My Partner the WolfTom Langley and Sean Goods work together in a human-and-wolf shifter partnership, assisting the police, rushing in to solve crimes wherever their bosses send them. They’re a great team, and they have fun together, too: joking and enjoying each other’s company in a way that doesn’t happen every day.

Tom is also a married man. And his husband hates the wolf shifter with a passion. Tom tries to balance the sides of his life—one minute on a high-pressure chase with Sean, the next placating his husband Lowell.

Then the unthinkable happens: his marriage ends. Heartbroken, he’s not expecting to ever get over Lowell’s betrayal or to be able to love again.

Sean offers a solution: sex as friends. They have chemistry, and they trust each other.

But can they change their partnership that much? And is Sean secretly harboring feelings for him—expecting more than just sex?

Sean is a loveable, funny, strong, and protective. He’s the best buddy a guy could have. But Tom might not be able to keep from breaking his heart—if Sean is in love with him, and Tom can’t love him back.

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