Who Moved My Holepunch?

Who Moved My Holepunch? by Anne Brooke…I need to read more by Ms Brooke. I thought I had – I have read Tuluscan Six and the Time Circle and Tommy’s Blind Date, loved them both – but I thought I’d read more. But it’s these three stories, and they all had me smiling all the way through and laughing quite a few times LOL.

Darren is a Senior Timetabling Officer and when I read that I felt like I’ve missed my calling – that’s what I’m supposed t be doing. See I went to the university and became a teacher, but that wasn’t really for me (some parts I love, others make me break out in sweats). I love schools, but I should’ve worked there as a timetabling officer!

Yeah, so back to Darren. Darren is a slightly OCD admin nerd (my soulmate, I’m sure) but when he meets his new boss, Max, he kisses him. Max responds with a thank you and keeps on talking work LOL.

Really, this is just a short story but it’s cute and funny and quite hot at times and I liked how both Darren and Max handled their roles even if there are times for sex and times when it’s not so good to fall on someone’s dick (and they chose one of the not so good times) but hey I had a good time reading it.

books2read.com/WhoMovedMyHolepunch *

Who Moved My HolepunchDarren Fording works as a Senior Timetabling Officer for his local college. When Max Sheldon arrives to take over as Acting Registrar, Darren finds himself consumed by lust for his new boss and making the kind of decisions he as a stuck-in-his-ways administrator has never made before.

When Darren initiates a full-on kiss during a meeting with Max, the enthusiasm of the Registrar’s response takes him by surprise. Max is reluctant to pursue a relationship with an employee, but Darren is equally determined not to take no for an answer. Can he prove his worth to the man he’s beginning to love and show him he’s a dab hand at educational politics as well?

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