Summer/Winter Sale

It’s July…again!

Every year, Smashwords has a Summer/Winter sale. It’s the 11th in a row and it lasts from July 1 to July 31. Both Beaten Track Publishing and JMS-Books are participating in the sale, as am I with my self-published titles.

Smashwords Sale This is a great opportunity for you (and me) to check out some new to you authors or pick up a few books from those you already know and love.

You’ll find all M/M books on sale here.  Or I shouldn’t promise all. The Maddest of Men didn’t show up here, and I think maybe I didn’t put LGBT as the main category, I don’t know. So you’ll find most M/M books on sale there, but there might be others too, so take some time to look around.

I’ll list all my books in the sale below.

Happy reading!


Worth His Salt


Eight Feet of Magic

75% Off

Summer Bigger Than Others

50% Off

The Maddest of Men

The Lords of Lettuce


Deadly Sugar

Deadly Lies

The Deadly Sugar Collection


Buried Desires #1

Buried Desires #2

Buried Desires #3


Once in a Snowstorm

Once in a Forest

Once in May

Once in the Underworld

Once Around Seven


The Snowflake

It Doesn’t Translate

Silent Woods

He Melted Us


Seasons of Love

Never Too Late

Love Unlocked


25% Off

Jaeger’s Lost and Found

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