The Reasons Why

I just poured myself a cup of coffee and headed over to Smashwords – they have a sale going. I wanted something short and quick that I could finish before I ran out of coffee so I picked up The Reasons Why by J.M. Snyder.

JMS-Books has a series of stories under 5k, so they’re usually between 10 and 15 pages, called Hot Flash. Here is a link to Smashwords that will take you to all the Hot Flash books, some are free now on the Summer Winter Sale.

So back to The Reasons Why. This is really cute. Eliot has been working all day, he has a headache and all he wants is to take a nap on the sofa and have a homecooked meal. When he gets home, his husband, Ben, hasn’t even started dinner.

I was chuckling at the opening scene, Ben is an author, and Eliot describes it at sleeping all day och playing around a little on social media. If you’re wondering, that’s not really how the life of a writer is, which J.M. with over 270 published books, of course, is aware of LOL.

But back to the story. Eliot is annoyed, he’s worked hard all day and all Ben has done is playing on his phone. That’s what he thinks until he finds a note where Ben has written why he loves Eliot. One note becomes two, and three, and four…

Super cute! It also made me realise I probably should do something romantic for my husband…soon.

It’s free on Smashwords till the 31st of July.

or you’ll find it here:

The Reasons WhyAfter a long day at the office, all Eliot Travers wants is a much needed nap before dinner. Which his husband Ben is supposed to make.

But when he gets home, Ben is playing a game on his phone and Eliot doesn’t smell anything cooking in the kitchen. As Eliot’s temper starts to rise, he wants to know what exactly Ben’s been doing all day long.

Ben tells him to look on the table by the stairs, where Eliot finds a note he missed when he came in. A note that reads The Reasons Why I Love YOU.

A second note on the steps leads upstairs. Then Eliot finds a third, and a fourth.

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.

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