Acronym – A Tattooed Corpse Story

It has finally happened! For more than a year it’s been on my to-do list to switch out the story I give my readers once they’ve joined my Reader Group (mailing list) and now I have.

Amy Spector and I have a series going called the Tattooed Corpse Stories. It’s a series of short stories and novelettes with nothing in common except for one thing – the body. At some point in each of these stories a dead body with a snake tattoo appears.

Acronym is the third Tattooed Corpse Story I’ve written, and it’s about Detective Lars Horn who’s called down to the morgue because the body he found at a crime scene a few weeks ago had been brought in again – same body, same fingerprints, just as fresh.

The first Tattooed Corpse Story I wrote was Worth His Salt which is a ghost story. Eldred Henstare is a witch who’s job is to rid his city of lingering spirits, it just this spirit doesn’t want to leave, not until it’s had its revenge.

The second story I wrote was It Doesn’t Translate which might be one of my favourites. Max is a human who moves to the Luna Terminal where he opens a hamburger bar. It isn’t until space pirates make his restaurant their favourite hangout place he realises humans don’t have it easy in space.

And then we have Acronym. All of these stories are standalone, and there is no reading order that should be followed. So if you want to read Acronym, sign up for my Reader Group, and you’ll get a copy.

Cover Acronym

Detective Lars Horn is called down to the morgue when a body he retrieved from a crime scene a couple of weeks ago is brought in again. No one had noticed it had gone missing, and it looks just as fresh as it did the first time Horn saw it.

Disappearing bodies is not his responsibility, but when it goes missing a second time, he can’t help but get involved. And to make matters worse, he glimpses a guy at the local pub who looks just like the lost body.

Maybe he’s overworked and maybe he had a little too much to drink, but he can’t let it go until he finds the man from the pub and makes sure he isn’t seeing dead people.

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