About Last Night

I  thought we’d have us another little short story by Clare London (read one not too long ago). About Last Night is just a few pages long. I found it on a list of Christmas reads and figured I could do with another Clare London LOL.

Now, I have to say it’s not very Christmassy at all, the only indication of it being in the holiday season is a mentioning about there not being many shops open, but that’s good enough for me.

Roger and Allen are friends, but one thing led to another, and when we meet them, Roger is on one side of the front door after having been out to buy breakfast and Allen is on the other, wondering if their night together had been a mistake.

It’s cute! Friends to lovers and a conversation through a closed door LOL.


About Last NightRoger only popped out for breakfast supplies. Was that long enough for Allen to have second thoughts?

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