The Christmas Curse

I was hunting for a Christmas book, and I’ve had The Christmas Curse by Ruby Moone in my kindle library for two years I think without reading it – it was time.

I know I’m repeating myself (over and over) by saying I don’t normally read historical stories, but I do love paranormal so I figured I had nothing to lose. And I’m not sorry!

This short story is adorable.  It’s December and Jared Templeton is all alone, avoiding his families festivities because of all the young women his mother is trying to get him to marry, plus he’s a spy so he can’t really tell anyone what he does.

But then one day, a huge stray dog starts follow him home from work every day. The closer to Christmas they’re coming, the more Jared is opening up and is talking to the dog.

Then, like in Cinderella, the clock strikes twelve and Jared’s entire world changes.

I wish it had been a little longer, just a little bit more. The characters are great but the ending a bit abrupt. Still, a great Christmas read, though! Historical and all LOL.

Snowy nature with a large wolf like dog and a handsome manIt’s almost Christmas 1806, and government agent Jared Templeton finds himself adopted by a beautiful stray dog as he walks his customary route each night to his Mayfair home. Having never owned a dog before, Jared is surprised to find himself talking to the beast. It’s wonderfully easy and lifts some of the heavy burdens he carries.

Eventually Jared confides in the dog, not only secrets about his work as an agent, but also the biggest secret about himself. About his innermost desires and needs, safe in the knowledge his companion will never betray him.

But at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, Jared discovers things are not quite what they seem …

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