Pipe Dreams by J.M. Snyder

You know the fantasies people have (and porn lives off) about a hot handyman showing up at your doorstep? In Pipe Dreams by J.M. Snyder that handyman is a plumber LOL.

Paul Jacoby wakes up one morning to a clogged sink and a message his roommate leaves on the answering machine that the sink is blocked because Paul had been right, they didn’t have a garbage disposal.

I have to cut in here – I thought garbage disposals only existed in American horror movies and the occasional drama where the wife drops her wedding ring into those flesh-chopping knives hiding at the bottom of the sink. But, now I’ve googled and became a little wiser. It’s common in the U.S. but not in the rest of the world.

Okay, back to the story before you think Pipe Dreams is a horror story – it’s not! It’s a fun little tale about Paul opening the door for the plumber and come face to face with Ethan Randolph, his high school crush.

He then proceeds to help Ethan find his…ratchet.

Whatever you picture this story to be, you’re probably right LOL. It’s short, it’s fun, it’s hot. It’s just below 3k long, so even if you only have half a cup of coffee at hand, you’ll have time to read it.


Pipe DreamsWhen Paul Jacoby opens the door to plumber Ethan Randolph, Paul’s memories and libido are instantly reawakened. Paul lusted after the captain of the basketball team in high school, but he was too shy to do anything about his attraction to Ethan back then.

Can he pluck up the courage this time to make his yearnings for the hunky Ethan a reality, or will his pipes — as well as his dreams — remain blocked?

Note: This story appears in the author’s anthology, Flashed!



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