I Will Meet You at Asphodel’s Pit by Tinnean

Okay, so space bars…what’s not to like? In this month of love, I figured we’d need us some sci-fi. I Will Meet You at Asphodel’s Pit by  Tinnean is a short little story about…well, that’s the thing, I don’t really know LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading it, but I started out confused, then I became a little more confused before we got to the ending which is very sweet.

Protector and Trey are already in a relationship when the story begins, but Trey’s sister who’s to be married off to a different race due to political reasons betrays them, and Protector has to leave Trey to bring back The Protector – a female protector who was taken during an attack.

Protector tells Trey to meet him at Asphodel’s Pit which is one of the most dangerous bars in the universe.

When Trey gets to Asphodel’s Pit, Protector hasn’t arrived. So he waits, and waits, and waits. While Trey spends his days waiting, we get the story of Sloff and Rinig – bartender and bouncer – who used to be friends. Both have been horribly injured in the line of duty and are now spending their lives working in the bar…but maybe that isn’t too bad.

So we have aliens, many kinds, and we have two pairs – one torn apart due to work, the other tossed together due to no longer being able to do the work they used to do.

If you’re expecting some great big climax in this story, you’ll be disappointed, but I liked the world and the characters. And who doesn’t want to see lovers reunited?

This story is just over 8k (and it’s free), so brew yourself a cup and snuggle up!


I Will Meet You at Asphodel's PitSpace politics sends The Protector on a mission, the failure of which could result in mass destruction. When her mission is sabotaged, the man bred from birth to be a Protector must leave his lover in order to carry out his duty. However, before he leaves, he promises to meet the white-haired H’asean at Asphodel’s Pit, one of the most dangerous dives in all the known universes, sending him off with Protector’s Brachi friend.

Meanwhile, at Asphodel’s Pit, inhabitants of other planets are going about their business. Sloff runs the dive, along with his old friend Rinig sa Bre, who provides security. Both men are unaware all hell in on the verge of breaking loose, as a Protector is about to arrive, looking for his young sir.



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