Champagne Kisses by J.R. Loveless

We need a Valentine story for Valentine, do we not? Champagne Kisses by J.R. Loveless is one of those short sweet contemporary stories that are too romantic for my comfort – it’s the big gestures! I’m fine with everyday romance, it’s when it goes beyond that I want to run into hiding LOL. But, it’s Valentine so it’s a day for big gestures.

Sam and Dean have been dating for six months, but Sam still feels like Dean is prioritising his career over their relationship. On Valentine, Dean has to work, and Sam is moping because of it.

When the owner of the bookstore he’s working in tells Sam to close up early, he does, and when he walks outside a limo is waiting for him. It’s a really cute scene when the driver tries to convince Sam to get in.

The night doesn’t turn out at all as Sam first had through – Dean isn’t working, instead, he has prepared a big surprise for him. It’s adorable, so if someone has given you some Valentine chocolate (why don’t I have Valentine chocolate? Or any chocolate) pour yourself a cup of coffee and soak up the sweetness.

Champagne Kisses is a 9k long contemporary story.

Champagne KissesTheir date cancelled on the most romantic day of the year, Sam Evans feels betrayed by Dean, who often puts work before their relationship. Brooding about his lover’s lack of commitment toward him, he leaves work early only to be stunned by what awaits him outside the door.

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