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For my S, I read Set Up (On Call) by P.D. Singer that I picked up for free through Smashwords Authors Give Back sale.

It’s short and sweet and just right for what my poor brain can handle right now – cute and funny. It’s about cars and a dentist LOL. I know absolutely nothing about cars. I don’t have a drivers license and I can at the most tell you what colour our car is, and maybe the colour of the cars of some of the people closest to me, but far from all. And I’d rather go to the gynaecologist than the dentist if I had to pick one right now.

But despite cars and dentists, I enjoyed this is a sweet romcom, and if that’s what you’re in the mood for, you should check it out. It’s only 31 pages long, but Terry manages to embarrass himself quite a few times during that short time and still get the guy. Cute!

Watch out for coleslaw and tinfoil, though.


Set Up

“Say hi to Doug at the car show.” Just because Keith is a good pal, has good intentions and has great taste in men doesn’t mean Terry wants his own personal matchmaker. With his luck and past experience, he and the man Keith set him up with would hate each other on sight. Besides, Terry can’t look for the elusive Doug: he’s too busy ogling a certain gorgeous 1949 MG TC.

The sleek roadster stands out even among a field of classic beauties, and so does the driver. Is it too much to ask that the guy forget about Terry making a fool of himself over the right hand drive and sexy red fenders? Not likely he’ll forget Terry accidentally flinging a bowl of coleslaw at his chest.

If terminal embarrassment isn’t bad enough, now Terry’s had a dental disaster, leaving him with two choices: stay in agony for days, or see the new man in the practice.

Terry’s at the office by one thirty sharp. And he’s parked next to a red MG.

A-Z Title Challenge 2020

A – All I See

B – Bearly Dating

C – Champagne Kisses

D – The Dark Horse

E – Everybody in the Place


G – A Gentle Shove of Human Kindness

H – Howl

I – I Will Meet You at Asphodel’s Pit



L – Landslide



O – Out For Delivery

P – Purrfect Harmony

Q – Quill Me Now


S – Set Up




W – Words

X – Xavier



I started a Pinterest board for M/M books sorted by title, if you need help finding a title on a certain letter.


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