Words by Paul Alan Fahey

February might be a short month I’ve dedicated to short fiction, but love can last for a long time. In Words by Paul Alan Fahey, we get to follow Blake and  Stanley for a short 13 pages but over 35 years.

I don’t do well with books with infidelity – yeah, I’m completely stuck in this girly fantasy of monogamy. And to be quite honest, I just don’t understand why people cheat, at all. I know the pro side will say sex is sex and love is love, well I’m this flawed person who’s incapable to see why you would cheat if you’re even remotely fond of your partner. And I’m a vengeful bitch so if hubby ever hinted at having dallied elsewhere, he’d find himself without both wife and balls.

But, I’m not here to preach monogamy – Blake and Stanley had an understanding, I have to accept that even though it makes my skin crawl LOL.

Now, it sounds as if I hated the story, I didn’t. It’s a short story about lasting love, about ups and downs in life, about fear and harmony.

The story begins and ends with the two of them sitting in the orchestra section of a theatre, and the last page had me blinking away tears despite having cursed them just a couple of pages earlier LOL.

It’s a 4k freebie so if you’re looking for life-long love, check it out.


WordsBlake believes in love at first sight; Stanley isn’t so sure. Their lifelong romance begins with a random meeting in a bar and ends in happily ever after.

As the years pass, Stanley’s struggling literary career takes off, and Blake finds fulfillment as a counselor at a local community college. When the AIDS epidemic strikes their small town in the 1980s, their resolve and relationship are tested. The only way to survive the crisis is to draw strength in the love they share.

Later, as they enter their senior years, they must deal with frightening new issues of infirmity and disability. Yet through it all, the two men share a deep, emotional bond that survives and strengthens their resolve to tackle any and all challenges head on. Together.

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