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Until Next Time by Xara X. Xanakas

I had forgotten Xara X. Xanakas. When I was a newbie (I still consider myself a newbie, though I’m starting to realize that, maybe, I’m not?) Xara was active. I’ve read a few of her books, and I especially remember The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating a Geek which is filled with cute geekiness LOL.

So, having read Villian from the Love’s Landscapes event, I figured I’d check for a story starting with a U and when there was a book from the LL event starting with a U,  written by Ms Xanakas, I figured it was meant to be.

I searched for her, thinking maybe it’s just that she’d disappeared from my feed, but no, she hasn’t posted anything on her blog in years and there haven’t been any new releases. Until Next Time is still available through Goodreads, though.

True to my nature, I didn’t read up on what this book was about, and I’m glad I didn’t because I might not have read it if I had. It’s a BDSM (bondage) story, a cop and thief story…and I liked it a lot!

I do have my pet peeve I just can’t get rid of – speech tags!!! Why oh why? LOL – but apart from that, I enjoyed this a lot. It’s cute and funny, filled with cat and mouse games, and I loved the way it ended.

Get it here!

And that, people, was the end of it. Or should I say until next time? The A-Z Title Challenge is complete! Are we moving on to Halloween stories now?

Until Next TimeDear Author,
Fuck, this was supposed to be such a simple assignment. Get in, get the information and get the hell out. It should have been a piece a cake but I just couldn’t resist getting a closer look at the guy. There’s just something about him that sets me on edge. He was prey that I enjoyed stalking. Whether to kill or fuck I wasn’t sure. How the hell did he get the upper hand? Instead of being the predator I’m suddenly the prey. I may be bound, but I’m never helpless. It seems I may have finally met my match, and I’m going to enjoy teaching him a lesson he’ll never forget.

A-Z Title Challenge 2020

A – All I See

B – Bearly Dating

C – Champagne Kisses

D – The Dark Horse

E – Everybody in the Place

F – Food for Thought

G – A Gentle Shove of Human Kindness

H – Howl

I – I Will Meet You at Asphodel’s Pit

J – Judgment

K – Killer Cassava!

L – Landslide

M –Misunderstanding His Mate

N – The Night Porter

O – Out For Delivery

P – Purrfect Harmony

Q – Quill Me Now

R – Roaming Canisters

S – Set Up

T – Tentacles with Benefits

U – Until Next Time

V – Villains

W – Words

X – Xavier

Y – Your Cover’s Blown

Z – Zippadacious

I started a Pinterest board for M/M books sorted by title, if you need help finding a title on a certain letter.

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