October Spice | K.L. Noone

It’s October so we need some October Spice, do we not?  This little short story by K.L. Noone is filled with autumny scents and flavours.

I admit having a weakness for stories with bakers, cake decorators, pastry cooks and so on. I tried writing a story about a baker once. Or I did write one,  but it’s hard knowing what everything is called on a language that isn’t your own. And cinnamon rolls for me aren’t what cinnamon rolls are for an American – frosting?! WTF people? LOL

But reading a story and writing one are two different things, and here, I was swept away by cinnamon pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate whiskey cakes, butternut squash bread. So I came for the cakes and stayed for the meet-cute, floury fun.

Evan is a baker who is in his bakery, on a day when they’re closed, to bake a cake for his friends. A customer knocks on the locked door, and after having communicated with the customer through the window, Evan lets him in.

Sparks, mixed with sugar and spice, fly.

This story is just 14 pages long, but it’s oh so cute.


October SpiceEvan Goldman loves fall, October, and Halloween. He’s decorated his bakery, he’s made cinnamon-pumpkin cupcakes, and he’s spending his day off inventing a new cake recipe. He isn’t expecting customers, and he’s busy with chocolate and ginger.

But a delivery mix-up has a customer knocking at Evan’s door. Matt’s right out of Evan’s fantasies: a deliciously adorable off-duty firefighter who compliments his cupcakes and makes Evan smile, and looks at him like Evan’s the tastiest treat of all.

They’ve only just met, but Matt might bring all of Evan’s fantasies to life … with extra spice.

2 thoughts on “October Spice | K.L. Noone

  1. I LOVE this little story! I’m doing a blog post on fall-y reads (that’s why asked if you’d written äny) and this was the first one that I thought about when I decided I was gonna do it.

    I love KL Noone’s writing in general ❤️

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