Purrfect Harmony | Arden Steele

I figured I needed one more Valentine read this month despite the 14th having come and gone. I was scrolling through my feed, can’t remember if it was Instagram or Facebook (probably Facebook since I clicked a link) and saw a Valintine giveaway over at bookfunnel. One of the books listed was Purrfect Harmony by Arden Steele, and I was in the mood for some shifter smut LOL.

I’m a little confused. After I’d read Purrfect Harmony I went to look it up on Goodreads. It took a little time to find, but I did, only it had no cover. But I clicked my way over to the author profile in search of a website – no such thing was listed. So I googled, and there I fund Ms Steele’s website.

But, I also found a different cover of Purrfect Harmony and an announcement that it’s coming out in March 2020. Below the cover, it said that the new version is 20k longer than the version published in the Heart of the Beast Anthology. So naturally, I tried to find the anthology…no luck. Heart of the Beast was the name of the group giveaway, though.

It doesn’t really matter, I’m just a little confused about what story I’ve read LOL.

It’s cute, I enjoyed it. It’s a mates-destined-to-be kind of tale. Remington Raines is a rockstar and a cheetah shifter. He can have anyone he wants and no one ever says ‘no’. At least not until he asks Kol Livingston out for dinner.

Kol has had shifter boyfriends before, and he’s not sure he can survive another one finding his soulmate when that soulmate isn’t him, so he’s sworn off shifters. It doesn’t matter that it’s the Remi asking him out, he just can’t.

It’s short (though if you buy it, it might be 20k longer), it’s funny, it’s cute. And for those who know me, you know how I hate the uber-romantic scenes where the audience claps. We almost made it through, people, almost.

But, I well aware of that being a me-not-you kind of thing, so if you’re into shifters, give this a go! I enjoyed it.

Purrfect HarmonyKol Livingston believes in the so-called fairy tales, the clichés—love at first sight, soul mates, and happily-ever-afters. He wants it all, but after a series of failed relationships, he’s beginning to think he’ll never meet Prince Charming. He loves his job as a personal concierge at Blackhaven Manor, but with all the gorgeous paranormals strutting around the estate, why would anyone choose him? When cheetah shifter and infamous bad boy, Remington Raines, is asked to perform for the annual Valentine Masquerade Ball, he can’t say no. Literally. Still, an all-expenses-paid vacation from tour buses and screaming fans might be just what he needs. Falling for the quirky concierge with big, brown eyes and a smile that melts him, however, wasn’t part of the plan.

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