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For my Z, I’ve read Zippadacious by A.R. Noble. This is a DRitC story, so it’s free, but most importantly it starts with a Z. Have you any idea how few books that do? And since this isn’t my first A – Z challenge, I’m running out of Z stories.

Zippadacious is about a drag queen and a man who’s working with antiques and collectables. It all starts with a photo shown on TV and from there a relationship is built. There were some confusing moments, but overall I liked the story. Taj is an Australian who’s moved to San Diego, he does what his grandmother wants and studies aboriginal linguistics. The man in the photo is someone he’s seen before…

Travis is instantly attracted to Taj, but Taj is afraid of what Travis will think of him once he figures out his secret. Being a drag queen isn’t something his past boyfriends have accepted, so he runs out on Travis after their first night together to save himself the heartache that’s bound to follow.

The photo doesn’t really play a big part in the story, but it made me think of Windows in Time by M. Jules Aedin for some reason.

It’s a cute short story about acceptance and daring to be yourself.

Download at Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s site

ZippadaciousTravis Garamond has always been a responsible son; he worked every summer in high school to help his family after his father’s illness and death. Now the hospital bills are paid off and everyone expects him to go to college, find a nice guy, and move on. When does he get to live his own life, his own way?

Taj Djaru is also satisfying family expectations. A mixed-race, Aboriginal Australian, he’s studying linguistics helping preserve indigenous folklore, but his academic career needs a boost. He also has a secret passion that his past boyfriends didn’t understand. After his last relationship blew up, he moved across the globe to San Diego.

When they meet, it’s instant lust and genuine like, but Taj fears Travis won’t accept the real man inside. Travis won’t be sidetracked; he knows Taj is the right man for him. If Taj will give them a chance, Travis is sure they can ride off into the sunset together on his vintage Moto Guzzi. And solve a seventy-year old mystery too.

A-Z Title Challenge 2020

A – All I See

B – Bearly Dating

C – Champagne Kisses

D – The Dark Horse

E – Everybody in the Place


G – A Gentle Shove of Human Kindness

H – Howl

I – I Will Meet You at Asphodel’s Pit


K – Killer Cassava!

L – Landslide



O – Out For Delivery

P – Purrfect Harmony

Q – Quill Me Now


S – Set Up

T – Tentacles with Benefits



W – Words

X – Xavier


Z – Zippadacious

I started a Pinterest board for M/M books sorted by title, if you need help finding a title on a certain letter.


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