Summer/Winter Sale!


It’s July!!!

There have been a lot of sales and giveaways so far this year – anything to keep the mood up, right? And now it’s time for another one.

Every year, Smashwords has a Summer/Winter Sale in July, and that’s one thing that hasn’t been changed this year. There is always, always, a need for more books. The TBR pile can never be too high, can it? Especially not if you’re reading ebooks. So hop on over there and see what you can find.

The sale runs from July 1st to July 31st and my discounted books are the following:

50% off

When Skies Are Gray

Crazy Joe

Elevator Pitch

Black Bird

Turning Wood

Pine Tree Mary

Legendary Loves vol. 1

Nine Stones

The Maddest of Men

The Lords of Lettuce

Jaeger’s Lost And Found

It Doesn’t Translate

Happy shopping!

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