Up North | When Skies Are Gray


It’s time to introduce Levi Campbell and Madoc Griffiths – the main characters of When Skies Are Gray, the third of the Up North stories. The number doesn’t really matter, they’re all stand-alone and has nothing to do with each other.

When Skies Are Gray is an age gap story. I always think I don’t do age gap, and then I look at my catalogue and realise that yeah, I do LOL. Now, where you draw the line for it being an age gap story or not is a little unclear to me, but when I started writing this I googled and somewhere it said that if a book should be called May/December it had to be at least a fifteen-year age difference.

Madoc is sixteen years older than Levi.

Madoc Griffiths Levi Campbell

Madoc wants what’s best for Levi, and he thinks he knows what that is. Levi is young, he should want to travel and see the world, go on adventures, meet people his own age, create memories. What he fails to understand is that Levi doesn’t want any of that, and despite Levi telling him, he doesn’t listen.

So, to make it easier for Levi to live his life, Madoc breaks up with him because he refuses to be the one who stands between Levi and his dreams.

In a childish act of rebellion or it might just have been plain old stupidity, Levi enlists in the army. He signed a two-year contract that takes him away from everything he ever wanted – but no one can say he didn’t go on an adventure.

When Skies Are Gray will be released on July 18th

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when skies are grayLevi Campbell made one huge, stupid mistake.

When his older boyfriend fears he’s holding Levi back from fulfilling his youthful dreams, he encourages him to break free and seek adventure. Levi, hurt and confused, does just that … But in an immature act of rebellion, he enlists in the army. The army!

Levi never wanted to be a soldier, and he never, ever wanted to go to faraway places, but he is now committed to serving his country for two whole years.

Madoc Griffiths did the right thing when he let Levi go, he knows he did, but if it was the right thing, then why can’t he move on? Every night he dreams about Levi; every day he misses him. But Levi is young, and Madoc will not stand in the way of Levi following his dreams.

But being a soldier isn’t Levi’s dream.

There is nothing Levi wants more than to do his time and return home to Northfield and fight for his man. Madoc was sure he’d be able to move on, but once he hears Levi will be home on a two-week leave, he can think of nothing except seeing him again. But can he stand to be with his lover for two weeks and then let him leave to fight a war?

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