Pride Sale

Happy Pride

Pride might not be like it’s been the previous year, but one thing we can do while sitting at home is to read. Over at JMS-Books, we’re having a Pride Week Sale, 30% off all ebook.

In July, JMS-Books is turning 10 years old!!! There will be a lot going on. There will be authors blog takeover, daily sales, and giveaways. An anthology called A DECADE OF GAY ROMANCE is already up for pre-order and will be released on July 1st. It contains selected stories from the last decade.

But, we’ll start with a Pride Sale!

These are those of my books that are available:

Black Bird

Crazy Joe

Cup o’ Sugar

Elevator Pitch

Jaeger’s Lost and Found

Legendary Loves vol. 1

Nine Stones

Pine Tree Mary

Turning Wood

When Skies Are Gray (pre-order)

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