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Summer is here!!!


…if you’re in the northern hemisphere like I am.

Back in the spring, I wrote a post about the books I’ve written that takes place during the spring, so I figured I’d do the same now that we’re entering the summer months.

I was afraid I wouldn’t have any LOL. While I love being in the garden, sowing and planting things, summer is probably the season I like the least. I don’t like the heat, and I definitely don’t like the bugs. That being said, all seasons have their charm.

I tend to write less during the summer than I do the other seasons, autumn probably is the season when I’m most productive. I love autumn! If we’re talking about favourite seasons, that’s it! And it shows in my books. When I went through my stories now, I have eleven autumn stories and only five that take place during summer, two of them written fairly recently. While writing Nine Stones, I realised just how few summer books I’ve written, so I wrote Cup o’ Sugar while I was at it.

And I’m almost done with another summer story, yay! See, I’m working on it LOL.

OK, so my summer stories are:

Silent Woods – This is the first story I write that wasn’t part of the DRitC event. It’s a tale about a married couple with two kids going camping. When the wood goes silent, strange things happen. If you like Scandinavian folklore, you should have a look at this one (and Pine Tree Mary).

Dazzle Me – This story is part of the Summer Bigger Than Others Anthology and it’s about Tom and Santino’s one year anniversary. Tom has planned to propose, but things don’t go as he’d thought they would. It’s a sparkly little tale that had me laughing while writing.

Happy Endings (Nortown 3.5) – A short little Tristan and Aiden story with lost of massage oils and slippery fun.

Nine Stones – Next month is the one year anniversary for this book. JMS-Books turned nine (Which means we have a ten year anniversary this summer!) and, to celebrate, those who wanted wrote a story that had something to do with the number nine. In my case, that was nine gravestones in Felix’s garden. Poor Felix LOL

Cup o’ Sugar – last and shortest is Cup o’ Sugar! JMS has a series called Hot Flashes where all stories have one of four covers and all are under 5k long. Cup o’ Sugar is about 4.3k and it’s about Roarak Halfhide a werewolf who hates coffee but finds his mate in a coffee shop.

If you click the title link you’ll get to a page about the story in question where you’ll find blurbs, excerpts, and links.

Have a lovely summer!



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