NaNoWriMo Winner


Guess who won!!! I actually won yesterday, but I wanted to post about the Black Friday Sale then, and two blog posts in one day seemed a bit much.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done NaNo, and it isn’t the first time I’ve won NaNo, but it’s the first I haven’t freaked out about doing it.

I’ve never written as much as I have this year, and much of it is due to the pandemic, of course. I haven’t been working as much as I normally do which has given me more time.

But it’s also because of my morning office crew. Every morning when I’m not working, I put the alarm at 05:40 – I do when I work too – put on the coffee maker, fire up the computer, and meet up with my writing buddies. For three hours, we write. We have good mornings, and we have not so good morning, but the words add up.

NaNobujoI’m not saying I write 50k every month – I don’t, but I’ve written 52756 words in 22 days. I have 6 days with a 0-word count.

December will be an editing marathon, I’m afraid. That’s my least favourite part about writing – editing. And I almost feel sorry for my beta readers. In a few weeks, they’ll drown in stories again. I seem to create piles LOL

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